Btc, Eth, Monero, Zcash, Ripple, Eos, Bch, Stratis, Tron, and Dash

After the Pullback from 9600 USD to 8300 USD, the price of bitcoin has start to recover during the past 24 hours , and also the total coinmarketcap has raised from 398 BLN to 402 BLN .

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Major crypto currency markets have start to recover from the past pullback, Ethereum recover from 688 USD to 727 USD, litecoin from 133 USD to 144 USD, Cardano recover from 0.24 USD to 0.28 USD, XLM from 0.34 USD to 0.38 USD .

There was 2 major reasons behind this pullback : the first is the scandal of the upbit exchange, the second is the sell off by MT.GOX of bitcoins .

But for the future of cryptocurrency, i am bullish, why ? :  because many financial institutions planning to enter cryptocurrencies, but it is still not reflecting in the price.


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Bitcoin : 

I think that the best time to Buy Bitcoin Right now, for me i have buy around 8600 USD, i will take profit 9600 USD as first targetn then 10500 USD as a second target, then 12000 as my third target  .



Bitcoin Chart from coinmarektcap

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Eos : 

Fundamental :

Eos will move on it’s own Blockchaine on 01/06/2018

Techincal :

After the huge bullrun from 8 USD to 21 USD, Eos made a price correction from 21 USD to 14 USD, for me this is a good entry point for short tarde because there is strong fundamental comming by the start of the next month, the targets profits are from 18 USD to 19 USD, but if you open a trade keep a stop lose around 13 USD .

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chart (1)

EOS  Chart from coinmarektcap


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Stratis : 

Fundamentals :

On 16/05/2018 : Stratis will launch Smart Contracts Alpha release, allowing developers to write smart contracts in C#.

On 31/05/218 : The first ICO will be launched on the Stratis platform, the name of this ICO is Gluon ICO .


Technical :

Right now acourding to my technical analyse, Stratis is at a good entry point right now from 6.5 USD to 7.5 USD, the targets profits are from 9 USD to 9.5 USD, keep  stop lose around 6 USD .

chart (2)


 Stratis Chart from coinmarektcap

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Ethereum : 

Fundamental :

The rumors that are around ethereum and that saying that ethereum will switch from POW to POS could boost the price, also the fud around that say ethereum will become a security in USA will not stop people from buying  Ethereum i think .


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Technical :

This levels from 725 USD to 735 USD are good entry point for long term trade, for me the targets profits are from 800 USD to 850 for short term , from 900 USD to 1000 USD, and 1200 USD for long term trade .

chart (10)


 Ethereum  Chart from coinmarektcap


Zcash : 


chart (3)

 Zcash  Chart from coinmarektcap


There is an upcomming upgerade on the Zcash network by the end of june


Technical :


This levels from 250 USD to 270 USD are a good entry point for zcash, the targets profits are from 311 USD to 340 USD, keep a stop lose around 240 USD .



Monero : 

chart (4)

 Monero Chart from coinmarektcap



Techical :


Monero right now is at a good entry point from 200 USD to 220 USD, for me the first target profits are 250 USD, then 270 USD, then 300 USD .


Tron : 

Fundamentals :

Tron mainnet launch on 31/05/2018, also on 21/06/2018 Tron will migrate from Ethereum Blockchain to Train Blockchain on 21/06/2018 .

Technicals :

Its is the best time to buy tron from 0.72 USD to 0.74 USD, tha targets profits are from 0.9 USD to 0.92 USD, keep a stop lose around 0.70 USD .

chart (6)

 Tron Chart from coinmarektcap


Dash :

chart (7)

Dash chart from  coinmarektcap


Fundamental :

Dash evolution  v1 to be launched on 30/06/2018

Technical : This levels from 412 USD to 420 USD a good entry point for long term holding until the third week of juin, me i will sell around the second week of june .


Bitcoin Cash : 

Right now i don’t see any trading opportunity on BCH, because this crypto currency is hyped and it’s not based on real fundamentals, i don’t advice to open any trade on Bitcoin Cash .

chart (8)

Bitcoin Chart  chart from  coinmarektcap


Ripple :


Right now Ripple at this levels of 0.71 USD to 0.73 USD is at good entry point for a long term tarde, for me the targets profit are from 1 USD to 1.1 USD, with a stop lsoe around 0.63 USD .

chart (9)

Ripple  Chart  chart from  coinmarektcap




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