Market-Space : The new Solution for the Cloud storage data industry ? is new revolution and an invotation in the storage data industry, a market that worth approximally 88.91 BLN .



This platform aims to Become the first marketplace for data storage , that brings together and contact customers that are looking to store their data online with their clients that use this data, offering an ecosystem that will reward the customer, the client, the miners, and hosters of the date, this project has a vision to be the first leader of this industry, where there is a lot of competitivity from Dropbox ( a cloud storage service offred by google ), OneDrive (Microsoft ), and Apple .



What are the main problems that the Cloud storage date is facing today :

1-individuals and users of cloud data storage have to pay for storage capacity that they will never use, because traditional data providers offer fixed pricing for the capacity of storage or the time , they don’t care about the need of their clients .

2-the probability of accessing your data by third party service and stolen of your date on the traditional cloud data providers because they are centralized systems and  they are not enough protect against ddos attacks ….etc .



3- Decentralized cloud storage system also face some problems : the clients can’t access the date when the pc of the hosts is offline .

4-the speed of the access to the data is very slow due to the instability of host’s internet channel .

What are the solutions that this platform is offering to solve this problems :

1-The reliability : this platform will be a decentralized platform which will ensure the protection of the data against external cyber attacks, and also the data will be stored by professional hosting provider, this contractors needs to deposit an insurance fund to their account on the platform to confirm their liability of the data .

2-since that the Platform is a Decentralized Platform, The privacy of it’s users is protected, all the upload and dowlands link are temporary, only the uploader and downloader have access to the files .

3-The competitive pricing of the platform in comparison with others providers of this industry also all the participant of the ecosystem of the platform are rewarded with MACP » the utility token of this platform .

4-The advanced Hosting Materials that Hosting providers to store the data .




The MASP token is an ERC20 token built on the ethereum blockchain, This token will be the insurance that Contractors of of the Market-space have  to use in order  to prove their liability.

The second crypto currency of the platform is MASPC, witch is the utility token that will be used to reward the contractors of the platform  »Miners, hosts, and proxies  », also the reciever of the data will pay in MASPC if he want to dowland the file  » this will depend on the agremment betwen the hoster and the reciever of the data  » .

The ICO is conduct right now on the market-space Platform until 27 May, you can buy this ICO using : Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Siacoin, Storj, Dash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Tether, also you have to note that this is a KYC ICO, you will need to prove your identity to Buy the ICO

For more  information about this ICO :

Read their white paper here :

Take a look at their website :





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