DISCIPLINA : The new solution for the Online educational industry ?



Displina  is the first Educational Platform build using the Blockchaine technology on the Ethereum Network, it has fix an objective for itseld to bring toghther Educational Institutions, Students, and Recruiters on one Platform, in orders to solve the differents problems of the Educational technology Industry, a market that worth more then 165 Billions in 2018 .



What are the main problems that this industry is facing ?

1-The difference between the data stored by educational institute in different format, and the low level of trust from student in this institute due to the negative results of their courses and their educational approach to transmit the knowledge .

2-Educational institute can’t exchange their date due to the fact that they don’t have an unified register to save data related to academic achivement, the high risk of losing documentation by this institutes, and falsification of this documents .

3- The lack of Credible review about education institution and the qualifications of their teachers, the low level of trust in the educations system due to the negative results that it produce, and the lack of specific courses to target a specified job after graduation .

4-The recruiters or HR managers face another problem when it comes to prove the academic skills of the student for the work, due to lack of places where to search for qualified qualifications and the low trust in the academic courses that the student has follow during its courses .



What are the solutions that this paltform will offer for this industry :

1 -This Platform will allow to store the education Data in one place, using this paltform the academic history will become completely transparent , also the risk of losing date related to this industry will be reduced, and more important this will bring more trust by student in Educational institues .

2-For educational institue, they will be able to store all their date in one place, they can award grades for student automatically using the Blockchain technology,and also they will get paid when they share the informations about the academic skill of their student with recruiters and company that are looking to verify the knowledge of their future employees .

3-For the student, using this paltform he can chose more easily the education insitue or the academic courses due to the rating system that this platform provide, guaranteed the reliability of the data stored on the platform, choose the right courses that will help to obtain the jobs of their dreams .

4-for recruiters, it will them to verify the academic skills of their employee and their progress .


The DSPC token is the utility token of the  platform, it is an ERC 20 token, the token sale is live right now on the Disciplinia Platform, You can Buy this toke using Ethereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin, the token sale will end on 27 May 2018, this ICO is a Kyc ICO, you will need to verify your identity to be able to buy it .



The team Behind the project is composed of well know devlopers of the Cardano platformn, and a team of expert in the field of crypto crrency and Educational technology .

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