Bitcoin, Monero, Eos, Stratis, Zcash and ETC price analysis 02/05/2018

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Bitcoin :

Bitcoin show a strong resistance around 9600 USD, and teh strong support are : 8500 USD then 7500 USD, then 6500 USD, the Bitcoin price is now traded around 9150 USD, the best trade that you can make is to wait for the confirmation of the break of the resistance of 9700 USD to buy with a stop lose around 9000 an take profit around 105000 USD ,i think that in the short term we will go into a correccion around 8500 USD, but in order to confirm the long term uptrend we need to break the 10000 USD  level  .

The news that are coming today in the market are negative, what means that i advice you to keep a stop loss for your trades .

chart (2)

Bitcoin Chart From Coinmarketcap 


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Monero :

If you have buy during the last pullback around 160 USD to 170 USD, this is the best time to book your profits around 241 USD, the chart, RSI and MACD indicator show a possible correction of the price, the next strong resistance level are 200  USD, then 160 USD, this levels are a good entry point, there is a strong resistance around 300 USD, if the price break 300 USD, this is a strong buy signal .


Monero Chart From Coinmarketcap 


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Eos :

There is a strong overbought on The EOS daily chart, i don’t advice to buy now at this levels of 18.870 USD to 22 USD, RSI and MACD shows that maybe a correction is comming so wait until the correction end, and try to open a trade aound 14 USD, take profit from 18 USD, and keep a stop los around 12 USD .


chart (1)

EOS Chart From Coinmarketcap 


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Stratis : 

There is the first ICO that will b launch on the stratis Platform on 09/05/2018, the strong support level is around 4 USD, and the strong support level is around 8.5 USD, if the price break this level of 8.5 USD, i advice you to buy, and to take profit from 13 USD, keep a stop lose around 7.5 USD .


chart (3)

Stratis Chart From Coinmarketcap 


Zcash :

Zcash is a great investment for long term holding, this levels from 250 USD to 300 USD are good entry point, the targets profit for this trade are from 450 USD to 500 USD .

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chart (4)

Zcash Chart From Coinmarketcap 



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Litecoin :

The next strong resistance levels are 200 USD, 210 USD, 230 USD, the strong support are 120 USD, 130 USD, i don’t see any risk reward in opening a trade on Litecoin .

chart (6)

Litecoin  Chart From Coinmarketcap 


For the next days i advice you to keep your eyes on :Neo and also Ethereum Classic .



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Bitcoin, Monero , Eos, Stratis, Zcash and Etc price analysis 02-05-2018





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