GPT1 : earn money without any kind of investment ?

GPT1 is a  GPT site (multi ways to earn money on this site) like others, but it is the only one to offer 20 offerwalls (( Platform that offer a lot of ways to earn Money ))  including the most known as: TokenAds, TrialPay, OfferToro .

Overview of the offerwalls of the site:

OfferPass: you will find  videos that will pay you to watch them, get paids for doing registrations, paid competitions, and other free and / or paid offers they can complete and get paid .

– Matomy: paid videos, paid HTML5 games (playing x minutes for x tokens), mobile applications (Android and iOS) paid for at the installation, paid registrations, ..etc .

— Paymentwall: paid surveys provided by SSI Surveys and Your Surveys .

– SuperRewards: paid surveys provided by SSI Surveys, Your Surveys and other providers, paid registrations and paid contests.

-TokenAds: paid surveys, paid registrations, paid competitions, paid advertising videos .

— TrialPay: cashbacks, paid registrations, paid surveys provided by SSI Surveys, Your Surveys, and OpinionSurveys.

You will also get paid for palaying games, watching ads, and a lot of others stuf on the site .

The minimym payout on the site is very low, you can cashoutout your earnings when you reach 0.5 USD .

On average if you work 4 hours on the site, you will get 10 USD perday, but you need to get some refferal to increase your earnings on the site, for this i advice you to use Ptc sites to get refferal for your business .

In  this site you can depsoit and withdraw using : Paypal, Payza, Nettler and more 7 others payment process .

The site is aviable in : English and French .

2-Information about affiliation : 

You will get 10 % on all the earnings of your affiliates .

3-Inforamtion about payment :

Minimum withdraw : 0.5 USD

You can withdraw using :

More info read this article :
You can join the site Here


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