AMCHART : the new solution for the health care industry



AMCHART is a new platform built on the blockchain, this platform aim to become the first platform for the health record industry, the groupe behind the project  »AMSYS », this new Hybrid platform will solve many problems that this industry is facing right now.



Unlike other platforms, AMCHART is a product launched by  »AMSYS », this groupe has more then 15 years of exprience in crypto currency business, leaded by  »Ken Parekh », a well know entreupreuns and the fonder of this groupe.

Others startups launch their ICO  »intial coin offering  » to fund their projects, but this groupe has launch an ICO in order to improve this platform .



What are the problems that the healthcare industry is facing :

1-The proection of the healthcare data of patience and bieng commplaing with the regulation around HIPPA  » the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act  » .

2- Keeping update the softwares of EHR  »ELECTRONIC health record  » on local machines  .

3- The interoperability between  EHR’s systems and the heavy costs of setting up and maintenece of thsi systems .

4-copying and pasting the EHR without any verification witch can lead to misleading health information .

What are the solutions that  »AMACHART  » will provide to this problems :

This platform will built a unique Blockchain platform, that will act as a global electronic health record witch will porvide patience, and the professional of this industry with a platform that aim to :

1-improve the quality the effecenity, and the transparency of the health record services .

2-engaging patients and their family to use the services to Use the services of the platform .

3-Ensure the protection of the health care record date of patients and their protection .


The Ceo of Amsys Groupe , the company behind the AMCHART project .


AMC token is a crypto currency built on the ethereum blockchain, this crypto currency wiil be the utility token of AMACHART platform, the total supply of this token is 120,000,000.00 AMC, the ICO has already raised 22 millions during the private sale, and now they are running the private sale until 30/04/2018, the price of this ICO now is 1 USD, you can contribute using Neo, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin .


You can find more information about this token, by reading their whitepapaer on their offcial whitepapaer on the website .

The link of the whitepapaer :

The link ot the ICO token :

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