Safinus ICO : a solution for the problems of the crypto trading industry ?

Safinus is a new crypto currency platform that aims to make crypto currency trading and investment easy for everyone, by finding solutions for the problems that professionals trader and portfolio managers find whey they trade because they don’t have engouth funds to profits from the opportunity that the crypto markets presents,and also the lack of places where to search for investor that are ready to take actions and invest with them.


In the others hand,  newbie crypto investors lose a lot of their capital, due to the lack of knowledge about the blockchain technology, the ICO that turn into scam and runaway with the funds of investor, the reduced number of platform that allow people to follow the review and the trade history of successful trader and professional of the crypto industry .



What are the mains problems of investors and professional trades :

1-the complexity of the blockchain and thee cryptocurrency technology and the knowledge related to this industry,the huge number of ICO that are coming out everyday and sometimes this ICO turn into scam and run away with the funds of investors, witch make choosing the right ICO really hard for newbie and begginers in this field of business .


2-the most common problem that experienced, private investor, professional trades face, is the limited managed fund that limit their trading capasity and don’t allow fo fully profit from the opportunity of every crypto markets .


3-The difficulty that crypto funds find when they are searching to attract investor outside of their country, the lack of transparency around the managements of investors funds by crypto investment firms, and the huge efforts that this venture fund are spading on commuting with every small investor of the company .

The solutions that Safinus platform is offering for it’s investors :


1-Portfolio creation mechanism : this option will allow professional trader, crypto funds to create their own portfilio of ICO and crypto currency, every investors ((even investors without any knowlodge about crypto assests )) can join this portfilio and profit from  the exprience of this traders to make more returns from the markets .

2-Universal portfolio rating : this feutres will allow investors to track the history and the progess of the portfolio of the traders because the date of their portfolio is saved on the blockchaine .


3-Individual cryptoasset management mechanism : this will make it easy for trader to attract more larger investors for their portfilio .

4-Voting system for adding cryptocurrencies and ICO : Any ICO or crypto currency will be added to  the Safinus platform, only if the community vote in the favor of this asset .

5-Mechanism for simultaneous trading on multiple exchanges :on the Safinus platform you will be able to trade on multiple platform at the same time, by integrating the API on popular exchange such as: Bittrex, Kraken, and Poloniex, in one platform,this will reduce the time and efforts of trading and will maximize their earnings from crypto trades .

Added to that this site will launch it’s own Decentralized crypto exchange service .

The Safinus token is an ERC20 crypto currency, build on the ethereum blockchain,this crypto will be the utility token that will be used by professional traders, portfolio managers, investor of the platform to pay the fee of this platform .

For more information about the Safinus token and this platform i invite you to take a look at their website here :

Whitepaper right here :

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