Energy premier : the real solution for the energy industry ?


Energy premier is the first platform of it’s kind, build on The blockchain, this startup aim to revolutionize the electricity industry, by brining consumers and energy suppliers on the same platform, transforming the business model of th energy industry from real to digital by offering various solutions for this industry .

What are the problem that the energy industry is facing ?

1- consumers and suppliers spend a lot of time searching for the specification for consumptions of electricity and the best prices but they don’t find this due to th high price and the lackes of place where to search .

2-There is a high level of corruption in the energy industry in all the country of the world , so the pricing and the distribution of energy is unfair and not equitable .

3-sometime Suppliers don’t make the righ calculation of the profitability of the electricity that they provide, so their business become not profitable .


3-suppliers of energy don’t find the opportunity to offer the same price of electricty for the same group of consumers, and they spend a lot of time studying the profils of their cliens one by one to provide them with the best services .

4-serval company and energy providers have open offices in different country in the world , to make  trades of electricty in this country, but this is a problem because they make only few trades of electricity in this country .


What are the solutions that the energy platform offer for this problems :

1-Using this site you will reduce the time of searching for the best deals in the energy industry to only 30 minutes .

2-All the transaction on this platform will be fair and transparent, because this platform is build on the ethereum blockchain and the smart contract technology, this means that everyone can track the transactions made on this platform .

3-This Energy platform, will offer the chance for energy suppliers  to calculate the profitability of their business .

4-Consumers can create groupes on this platform, to be targeted by suppliers and giving them the chance to get more profitable deals of energy consumption.

The EPC token witch is the utility token of the Energy premier paltform, is an Erc20 token build on the ethereum blockchaine, the total supply of this token is: EPC, the intial price of this token will be 0.0003 USD, the token sale will take place from 16/05/2018 to 15/06/2018 on the energy premier platform, you can contribute and get back EPC token using Ethereum and Bitcoin .


The EPC token is a based on a unique business model, This token will be  used to pay for all the services that this platform offer and to pay all the fee on all the transaction made on this site, and also the holders of this token will receive a share of the revenue of the site .

The team behind the project is composed of a very successful professionals in the field of energy, crypto currency, software and web development, they have come together  to build the first digital business for the energy industry.

I think that this ICO worth to take a look in , because it offer real solutions for our daily life .




For more information about this ICO :

Join the ICO sale here

Read the whitepaper to get more informations about this ICO right here :

You can also get more information about the ICO from their official telegram channel :


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