Crypto markets analysis 19/04/2018

The crypto markets have continue their surge and positive results during this week, the total coinmarketcap italization of all crypto currency has increase from 300 Bln to 349 Bln durring the 4 past days .

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The major 10 crypto markets have post new profit against USD and Bitcoin, witch is very remarquable some crypto markets have psta advanced profit against BTC, and have not follow the evolution of the price of BTC,

Which was happening in the past, when the price of Btc goes down, the price of altcoins goes down , adn when the price of Bitcoin goes up, the price of altcoins go up, but in this new really of crypto .


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Others bitcoins markets have not follow the evolution of the price of bitcoin,witch means that we are in the season of Altcoins, and not in the season of Bitcoin .


Crypto markets from Coinmarketcap


Bitcoin :

Bitcoin need to break 9000 USD to confirm the long uptrend movement, if it’s break this level then Bitcoin will reach the levels of 10000 to 12000 USD, but if it’s fail to break this level then the price will make  a pullback , and it wil make a correction to be traded from from 7000 USD to 7500 USD


Bitcoin chart from coinmarketcap

Ethereum :

The Ethereum chart is bullish, and there is a risk reward by opening a trade on ethereum, keep your stop lose around 500 USD, buy from 510 to 550 USD, take profit from 630 USD .

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Ethereum chart from coinmarketcap

Litecoin : 

Litecoin need to break the resistance level of 160 USD to confirm the bullish movement, if not, the price will go back to be traded from 110 USD to 120 USD .

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chart (1)

Litecoin chart from coinmarketcap

Bitcoin Cash :

After Reaching 4000 USD during the bull run of december, BCH has make a hard correction and now it’s being trading from 800 USD to 1000, there is a risk reward to open a trade right now but keep a stop lose at 900 USD, and take profit around 1100 USD .

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chart (2)

Bitcoin Cash chart from coinmarketcap

For the next days, i advice you to keep your eyes on : Cardano, Etc, Binanace coin, and Factom  .

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