3commas : The tool that everybody needs to run crypto sucessfull trades

3commas platform is a crypto friendly platform that offer for crypto traders a large of variéty of choose and tools,in order to maximize their earnings from the crypto markets, and protect their holdings from Crypto markets crashes .


What this platform is offering for crypto traders :

1-Smart Trade : 

To use this features you need to connect your crypto exchange platform to the platform of the site using The Api key, Using this option you can Use a stop lose and take profit at the same time, and also a take profit trailer  and stop loss trailer at the same time.

How it works :

I have find a platform that make it easy for every trader to maximize his earnings from crypto markets and also at the same protect his holdings from market crashes ?

What i means by that for exmple : 
Let’s say that you have buy ethereum at 675 USD and to minimize potential losses,you set up a stop lose order of 10 %, this means that if the price ETH drops below 607.5 USD, the stop loss will automatically execute, selling your ethereum at that price, but what if the price of ethereum goes up during the day ? .

A standard stop loss order will stil only execute when the price drops below 10 % of the original buy in price, A trailing stop loss order, however automatically adjust to the price change , so if the price of ethereum goes up by 15 % , the trailing stop loss order would trigger when the adjusted price drop by 10 % , netting you a 5 % .

Let’s say now you have buy Ethereum at 675 USD , and set a standard take profit at 700 USD, this means that you would make a profit of 25 USD per ethereum , but if ETHEREUM goes higher then 700 USD ?, you’ve just lost additional profit, a trailing take profit order let’s you sell at the highest part of a trend by selling at a percentage of the highest value .


If you set a trailing take profit at 10 % and ETH climbs to 800 USD and then falls, the sell order would take effect when the price falls below 720 USD ( 800 – 10 % = 720 USD ), netting you a profit a profit of 25 USD .

Using this new platform you can use a stop lose, and automatic stop lose, Take profit , and an automatic take profit and a lot of others options that every crypto trader need .

2-Copy trading Bot : 

Using this options you can copy the most sucssfull traders in the crypto world  using this paltform .


3-Smart pool :

This option will allow you to get the best advices aout what ICO to invest in and for a refferal

also this platform Offer a great affiliate program, you will get 10 % on all your refferal deposits .

For more info please visit the 3 commas paltform here 


4-A video Review about this tool :


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