Creditcoin : ICO REVIEW


Creditcoin is the first token in the world for an affiliate network bringing together affiliation, Online marketer, content creator, social influencers with brand and merchants thought the FLATLAY e-commerce platform .

Creditcoin is an Ethereum ERC20 token, created with the Blockchain technology, using the smart contract on the Ethereum Blockchain .

This token was created to reward the content creators of promotional materials for brands and Merchants on The FLAT LAY platform .

A total of 100.000.000  CREDIT COIN will be issued during the sale, 70.000.000 CREDIT COINS will be distributed to the token contributors .

30.000.000 COIN will be used as a reserve to reward the active members of the flatlay platform, supporting the new product that will be launched on this platform, and the growth of this e-commerce site .

The funds raised during the sale of the ICO will be used by this way :

30% : Will be used for Product support and Technology Enhancements .

20% : Will be used for Legal and patents .

20% : Will be used for Marketing and product launch .

15% : Will be used for Content Creator and Community incentives .

10% : Founding team .

The sale of the token has already begin on the Creditcoin platform, this ICO sale is a Kyc ICO, you need a  government issued document in order to be able to purchase this token .

The Flatlay platform was created early in 2015, this platform aims to become the first network for affiliates and brands .they have already more than 10000 registered content creator and over 3000 brands .

This marketplace will allow affiliteur and social inleuncuers to monetize their work, by recomonding the products on the Flatlay platform to their followers and friends, and earning commission by contributing to the sales on this e-commerce platform .

This ecommerce platform will offer several features, between this features :

Credit coin affiliate program : Brands and merchants will come to the FLAT AY platform, they will use the potential of the content creators on the platform to create promotional content to increase the sale of their products, the affiliates will share this content on The social network as : Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and reddit …..etc, and when a sale is made they will earn commissions .

Flatlay interactive Cards .

Instant debit cards : This debits cards will allow users of this platform to make purchases online and offline of the products available on The FlatLay platform .

Social Contributions  : all the users of this marketplace can earn Creditcoins, by sharing the content of this platform on their social media, and when a sale is made using their link, they will earn a  commission  .

The Team of the project has make a great marketing work for the Creditcoin token, the project has been seen across the crypto social media as : CCN, Cryptocoin, and a lot of others crypto media .

The Flalay Platform ahs made already different strategic partnerships with big  names of the online e-commerce industry as : Shopify, OpenBazaar, and Amazon ….etc .

The Team behind the project is an exrpienced team of online markteurs, affiliateurs, advaisior invloved with the crypto industry, since th early years of crypto currency, this team is leaded by Ali Samour Morteza Nokhodian, and Yasir Hossain .

For more information about this ICO please visit their website here :

Also you can read the white paper of the project here :

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