Signals Platform : The real solution for the crypto trading industry ?

Signals Platform is a website that aim to allow people without any programming skills to build their own algorithm of crypto trading to increase their earnings from the crypto markets .


This crypto platform is the first platform in the world that will allow people to build their own crypto trading algorithm based on their needs of trading .

How the signals Platform works ?

No knowledge of programming is required in order to set up your first trading algorithm, this site will provide with indicators, technical analysis and the last news of the media to help you choose the settings of your algorithm .



After that you have build it, you can test this software on the signals platform without the need to spend money or make any real trade, you can then integrate this bot with any crypto trading platform in order to start making money using your own trading strategy .

If you are a professional developer or a scientific researcher in the crypto currency field, you can build your own algorithm and sell it on  the signals marketplace and  monetize  your work and earn money on every user that buy your work.



The signals token is an ERC20 based token, build on the Ethereum  Blockchain using the smart token contract technology, it’s an utility token, that will be used exclusively to buy all the paid features on the signals  platform .

Using this token you can buy the crypto trading indicators from the market place of this ICO, buy date streams from the same platform,Renting user-made strategies for crypto trading in the strategies marketplace, and also use the premium machine learning features in order to assemble and train trading strategies .

This crypto algorithm platform own a large database of indicators, between the types of this indicators : basic Freemium indicators, technical analysis indicator, sentiment analysis indicator, machine learning indicator, crowd wisdom based indicator, blockchaine monitoring indicator, github  commit indicator, custom indicators, and a lot of others feuatres then any crypto trader, devlopper or scientis research can use to improve his earnings from the crypto  markets .

For the marketing and the growth of the community of  signals platform, the team behind the project has allocated 20 % of the token issued to this propuse, the project has been seen on a lot of crypto media as : Cryptocoinews,  Financemagnate Investing , and Newsbtc.



The team Behind the project is composed of people with a long exprience in the crypto markets, forex trading, algorithm developing, this team is leaded by Paval Němec, an experienced algorithmic crypto trader and a machine learning evangelist, and pavel volek an software architect, UX designer, and front-end developer .

I think that this project, is offering real solutions for the crypto trading industry, it will allow people to earn more from the crypto markets, by allowing them to define and build their own algorithm based on real knowledge about the markets, and also it will give the opportunity for developers and researchers to monetize their work and earn an income every time that somene buy their prouducts .


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