Pantos ICO : the revolution in the Atomic swap technology

Warning : before you invest in Hyips, Mlm and Revshares you have to understand that this investments are very high risk investment, don’t invest what you have affraid to lose in such programs .


1-Description of the program :

Pantos ICO is a little revoulution in the crypto world, the idea behind the project is to bring the is to bring the Atomic swap technology from the theory to real .


Bitpanda exchange service is behind this project, the dev team is compesed of a team of scientifis, specialis in crypto markets and crypto trading,

The ICO will be conduct on the Bitpanda exchange service from 21/03/2018 to 17/04/2018, the intial price of Pantos token depends on Many factors, the price is always changing, and it’s going up everyday .

You will find more infromation about this ICO on the official website of Pantos ICO .


1-2- Information about the token :

Total Supply : 1,000,000,000 PAN
ICO :  400,000,000 PAN
Retained Reserve by Pantos GmbH : 400,000,000 PAN
Team : 100,000,000 PAN
Bounties : 90,000,000 PAN
Bitpanda Airdrop : 10,000,000 PAN

In order to Buy this ICO you have to open an account on the Bitpnda exchange service, you can buy this token using BCH, LTC, ETH, and Ripple .

2-Affiliation :

You will get 5  % on all the investment of your refferal .

3-A video presentation about this ICO :

4-My review about this ICO :

This ICO is a little revolution in the crypto currnecy industry, i will not miss this ICO, to join the sale paltform please click on this link 


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