Crypto markets analysis 06/03/2018

The cryptocurrency markets continued it’s steady advance on Monday and post new profit for investors .
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With the majority of top 100-coins and tokens rising against the value of the US dollar — and none declining more than 10 percent.

The day’s top performer was the Ripple , which gain more then 17 percent once again break past dollar parity due to the rumors of listing on Coinbase, though several other cryptocurrencyposted strong gains as well.

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Bitcoin : 

chart (8)

Bitcoin chart from coinmarketcap

Fundamental : CME trading futures expire in 29/03/2018, the news of the market are positive, The big good news surrounding bitcoin 1.29% is Liechtenstein-based family bank, Bank Frick, has become one of the first banks in the world that allows clients to directly invest in cryptocurrencies. This is a big step and stamp of approval for bitcoin  and the other major cryptocurrencies such as litecoin, Ripple and ether. This move marks the latest effort among financial institutions in the region to move to support the growth of cryptocurrency and blockchain development.

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Buy above 11704. Stop loss at 10972. Take profit at 13030
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The Price is facing a  major resistance at 11704  which needs to be broken before it opens a bigger move up to 13030 resistance

It’s nice to see that price has broken our long term descending resistance-turned-support line signalling that we’re likely to see a change in momentum from bearish to bullish .

Ethereum :

chart (9)

Ethereum chart from coinmarketcap

I don’t see any opportunity in trading Ethereum right now , the price need to break out the resistance level o 950 USD to confirm the bullish movement .

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Litecoin : 

chart (12)

Litecoin chart from coinmarketcap

The market is showing us the symmetrical triangle pattern . This pattern can break either way and that’s why it is important to pay attention on breakout.

Don’t try to buy too low because you might end up losing. That’s why it is crucial to have proper breakout confirmation from the expanded volume for example.

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Trading Information:
Buy: above 219
Partial Profit Targets: 240 / 244
Main Profit Targets: 270 / 285
Rest should be left for the longer run.

Stop-loss: 198

Bitcoin Cash : 

chart (10)

Bitcoin Cash chart from coinmarketcap

The Bitcoin Cash  market has slowly been recovering alongside BTC  , lets take a look at the chart to get an idea of where we stand vs the Dollar.
From 1200 USD to 1350 USD is a good entry point for a long term trade on Bitcoin Cash, take profit from 1500 USD .

Monero : 

chart (11)

Monero chart from coinmarketcap

380$ – storng resistance.

Buy price 330-340.Sell – 375$ If you just want get Monero V – hodl on 14/02/2017

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