Kryll : the new ICO for the automated trading bot ?

Warning : Before you invest in ICO  » initial coin offering, you have to understand that this investment are very high risk investment, don’t invest what you have afraid  to lose in such investment .


1-Description of the ICO : 


Kryll is the first platform in the world where you can build your own trading bot with your own strategy .

1-1- What this paltform is offering for traders : 


DEFINING STRATEGIES MADE SIMPLE :With their Wysiwyt™ (What You See Is What You Trade) flow-based technology you can intuitively create your own automated trading strategy.


they offer simple logical operators, markets indicators, value triggers, enhanced technical analysis, media opinion mining and deep-learning predictions; all this will help build your flows and create automated winning strategies.


Benchmark your strategies throught real-time sandboxes and massive back-testing capabilities (250 pairs, 1 second frequency, 6 months data history…).

1-2-Who is behind this project : 

The team behind this project is a mixed team between online marketers, traders, Crypto experts leaded by :

Luca Benevolo a CEO and Founder of Cryptense  Blockchain expert & Open source contributor with 12 years of experience in the blockchaine  technology .

and  Philippe Longère CTO at Cryptense with more then 8 years of exprience in the Crypto curreny field .

1-3-Media about Kryll : 

A lot of  media have speak about this big and silent revolution in the crypto industry, between them :

Cointelegraph,the nextweb, CCN , Cryptovest , and Journalducoin .

1-4-Informatin about the token Kryll : 

Start Date 7th of February 2018 at 12 Noon UTC
End Date March 20th 2018 12:00 UTC
Token Name KRL
Max Supply 220 000 000
Price of KRL Token 0.2 USD
Minimum Contribution 500 KRL
Further Token Issuance No tokens to be issued after the sale,
unsold tokens will not be generated
Hard cap Approx 29M USD
Accepted currencies BTC – BCH – ETH – LTC – ZEC – DASH


More info about this token read their whiteppaer here

2-Information about affiliation : 

You will earn   5% of the number of tokens (bonus included if any) purchased by the person you referred .

3-A video presentation about the ICO  : 

 4 -My Review about this token : 

The idea behind the project is really interesting and it’s a little revolution in the crypto industry .

you can join the site :  here 

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