Crypto market analisys 27/02/2018

The cryptocurrency market cap has post  $30 billion of new capitalization  on Tuesday, bolstered by a comprehensive advance that saw more than 80 of the 100 largest coins and tokens rise against the value of the US dollar.

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The Bitcoin price was the day’s headliner, soaring 10 percent to threaten the $11,000 threshold, but a number of other cryptocurrencies posted strong showings as well, after that Goldman Sachs funded, Circle, a cryptocurrency-focused financial-services firm, has bought the US-based cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex for $400 million.

This shows that large financial institutions and investments firms  are looking for opportunities to grow business in the crypto world. This move, while prices have been in a downswing, might boost positive sentiment.

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Bitcoin : 

Fundamental :

Since yesterday, Bitcoin is showing a very strong uptrend movement after the positive news that come from USA, that say that circle  » A goldman scahs investment firm  » has bought Poloniex  » the largest exchange service in the north of America  » .


Technical :

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Bitcoin now is being traded around 10800 USD, If bitcoin break the resistance line of 11000 USD, the next targets are 12000 USD, then 13000 USD, but if Bitcoin fall under 9500 USD the next strong support lines are 8500 USD, then 8000 USD, but the bullish scenario has more chance to happen, because the news in the market are positive .


Bitcoin chart from coinmarketcap 


Nxt : 

Fundamental :

AUCTION airdrop on 01/03/2018

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Technical :

Buy from current price 0.21 until last support at 0.17
Your stop loss under 0.17
Main target : 0.31


Nxt chart from coinmarketcap 


Neo : 

chart (2)

Neo chart from coinmarketcap 


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Technical : 

Neo rised well. And good rise was because of 2 factors: upcoming airdrop of ONT and NEO got A- by Weiss Ratings.
Couple days left till the airdrop and I expect further NEO rise at least to around 152$.
At the moment NEO is in small correction after two steps rise. Also its forming bullish pennant like before formed bulilsh flag.

If you want to buy NEO its good time to join as the current price is around 138$.

I expect next price targets by NEO:
– 152$
– 167$
– 185$
– 195+$

Fundamental : 

01.03.2018 – NEO will airdrop ONT to the community.
03.03.2018 – Singapore conference
05.03.2018 – Tokyo conference
09.03.2018 – Developer Workshop
10.03.2018 – NEO DevCon
11.03.2018 – Tapei conference
13.03.2018 – APAC Blockchain Conf. in Melbourne, Australia
14.03.2018 – Genesis Block 0 Meetup
16.03.2018 – Sydney Meet Up
31.03.2018 – Dev Competition Winner (This competition has a bounty pool of up to USD 490000)
02.04.2018 – National Blockchain Event


Monaco : 

Fundamental : 

01/03/2018 a new partnership between local bitcoin and monaco , and maybe monaco will be listed on localbitcoin


Technical :

Monaco show a strong support at 7 USD, buy from 7 USD to 8 USD, the targets profit are from 9 USD to 11 USD, use a stop lose around 6.8 USD .



chart (3)

Monaco chart from coinmarketcap 


Ethereum classic : 

Fundamental : 

airdrop on 05/03/2018 and hardfork , and First public release of Emerald Desktop Wallet & Warp sync in Geth on 31/03/2018 .


Technical : 

ETC show a strong resistance level around 45 USD, and a strong support around 30 USD, buy from 30 USD to 40 USD, take profit from 60 USD to 70 USD on the airdrop, use a stop lose around 29 USD .


chart (4)

Ethereum Classic  chart from coinmarketcap 


ADA : 

Fundamental :

ADA will be listed on Hitbtc on march, the roadmap will be update also on march,  and also the first ICO will be launched on the ADA platform .

Technical : 

Cardano show a strong support level around 0.33 USD, and a strong resistance around 0.36 USD, if the price break this ressitane level, buy and take profit from 0.5 USD to 0.6 USD, use a stop lose around 0.34 USD  .



ADA  chart from coinmarketcap 



Tron :


Fundamental :

Testnet launch on 21/03/2018 and coin burn on 31/03/2018 and also tron to be listed on exodus .


Technical :

There is a strong resisatance level around 0.054 USD, and a strong support line line around 0.026 USD buy now from 0.03 to 0.045 USD, take profit from 0.06 USD to 0.1 USD, use a stop lose around 0.029 USD .

chart (1)Tron chart from coinmarketcap 

Stratis : 

Fundamental :  

Stratis is working on providing a smart contracts solution that will cater for .NET developers and they will release it on 31/03/2018, and also they will release sidechaine alpha and also Stratis IOS app on the same date.

Technical : 

Stratis show a strong support around 7.5 USD, adn a strong resistance around 10.52 USD, buy now from 7.5 USD to 8.5 USD, take profit from 9 USD to 10.5 USD .

chart (2)

Stratis chart from coinmarketcap 



Fundamental : 

Sia will launch an update on sia website that will include the Ability to recover  your files using only your wallet seed.and also Simple File Sharing To be released in Q1. Share files with other Sia users.on 31/03/2018 .

Technical :

Sia show a strong support line around 0.004 USD, and a strong ressitance line around 0.03 USD, if the price break the resistance line nof 0.03 USD, the target profits are 0.04 USD .

chart (1)

Siacoin chart from coinmarketcap 



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