Crypto markets analysis 19/02/2018

After falling to $10,350 on February 18, the price of bitcoin has rebounded to $11,050 today, recording a 5 percent daily profit , pushing the others crypto markets to post new profit for investors .

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This Stability is due to the postive feed back and the regulation around crypto currency, also the anounecement of big firms like Goldman Sachs that they will alunch investment prouducts related to digital assets like Bitcoin .

Ethereum recover from 933 USD to 953 USD, Litecoin recover 200 USD to 224 USD, Ripple post profits for investors and recover from 1.09 USD to 1.12 USD, BCH recover also after a huge correction from 4000 USD to 1380 USD, also Monero posts new profit for investors and recovering from 247 USD to 307 USD right now .

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Bitcoin :


Bitcoin chart from Coinmarketcap

Cryptocurrency has risen recently but recent news has poured some cold water on its recovery, especially White House cybersecurity coordinator and special assistant to the present, Rob Royce, saying that legislation around cryptocurrencies is unlikely to materialize anytime soon and that their more immediate concern was with the criminal usage of bitcoin .

We have see a bullish movement today on the daily chart of bitcoin, But Bitcoin need to break out the major resistance at 12970 USD to confirm the long term bullish movement, i advice you to buy around 10370 USD, take profit at 12970 USD, keep a stop lose at 9700 USD, because there the expiration of the CME trading features on 23/02/2018 .

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Ethereum :

After finishing the small abc correction which brought the price from 980 to around 910, the price is now around 950 USD, also the chart show a very strong Bullish movement, if the price break the resistance level of 1000 USD, buy at this level and take profit at 1200 USD to 1400 USD .

chart (1)

Ethereum chart from Coinmarketcap

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Litecoin :

LTC show a strong uptrend movement, if the price break out the resistance line of 230 USD, buy and take profit from 270 USD to 300 USD .

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chart (37)

Litecoin chart from Coinmarketcap

Also keep your eyes on Monero, Etc, Stratis, Tron and Lisk, this coin can make some movement during this month .

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