Crypto markets analysis 16/02/2018

The cryptocurrency market recovery continued on Wedsenday  Thursday, with nearly every top 100-cryptocurrency rising in value against the US dollar.

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The Bitcoin raise from 8500 USD to $10,000 for the first time since Feb. 1. Ripple, meanwhile, surged on the surprising news that money transfer behemoth Western Union is trialing XRP integration in a pilot program.

This new profit and Bullish market push the total marketcap to recover from 375 Billions to 477 USD billions .


Crypto markets from Coinmarketcap


Bitcoin : 

If you have buy from 6000 USD to 8600 USD, i advice you to take profit now from 10000 USD to 11000 USD, but if you want to take the risk and hold more to take profit in higher level, i advice to use a stop lose around 9900 USD .
But i was watching very closely the market closely today, and i have noticed huge selling volume on this level of 10130 USD , so think to use a stop lose .

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If you are looking profit in the level of 14000 USD to 15000 USD, but you have to wait some days or event 1 month or 2, because the bullish movement is not confirmed 100 % .
Bitcoin Chart from Coinmarketcap 

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Ethereum :

Ethereum is the first alternative in the world for bitcoin, for investor that invest in crypto currency, and the first platform that the people of the crypto world use to create new tokens .

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After a deep correction at 746 USD, ethereum recover, and now it’s trading around 976 USD, if you have buy from 746 USD to 976 USD, i advice you to hold to take profit from 1200 USD to 1400 USD .

chart (1)

Ethereum  Chart from Coinmarketcap 

Litecoin : 

Fundamentals :

There is the Hardfork of Ltc on 19/02/2018b at the block  1371111, and also the launch of litepay on 26/02/2018 .

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Technical :

If you have buy from 118 USD to 180 USD, hold also you can buy now from 200 USD to 225 USD, keep a stop lose at 220 USD, take profit from 300, Ltc in the road to setup a new all time high price .


chart (36)

Litecoin  Chart from Coinmarketcap 


The crypto events that you need to keep your eyes on durring 1 month :
16-02-2018 : Qtum airdrop
16-02-2018 : XVG will be added as one of the payment methods on Crypto Emporium
16-02-2018 : NANO desktop wallet (Beta) will be releaseed this friday.
19/02/2018 : LTC Hardfork 
20/02/2018: Lisk , From Livestream
22/02/2018 Monaco Listing on COBINHOOD
27/02/2018 : Ardor (ARDR) 4YFN Awards, Salim Mecheri this can boost the price maybe of ardor
28/02/2018 Adex , beta relase
28/02/2018 : Syscoin (SYS) Mainnet Release
28/02/2018 : Ripple listing on Coinsquare ( Candian coinbase )
28/02/2018 Dash (DASH) DashPay Evolution Wallet release
28/02/2018 : Game Public beta release
01/03/2018 : Monaco listing on local bitcoin
05/03/2018 : ETC hardfork
14/03/2018 or 07/03 /2018 : Monero Hard fork  The date has not been fixed yet


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