Crypto Markets analysis 12/02/2018

Today and yesterday , the crypto markets was positive and posts some profit for investors, after the positive news that come from all around the world .

Especially from USA, where the governement is saying that crypto currency will Become Legal and under laws, also after the Words of Christine Lagarde that says that  »I believe that it’s inevitable,” Lagarde said of cryptocurrency regulation. “We clearly have to move into an activity-based regulation. Forget about the entities, work on the activities themselves: who does what and who is licensed to do what and who is properly regulated and supervised  » as reported on Crypto coin news today .

Crypto markets

Crypto markets from Coinmarketcap

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Bitcoin :

chart (33)

Bitcoin Chart from Coinmarketcap

For Bitcoin, There is 2 senario, The first scenario, Bitcoin will break the resistance level of 9000 USD, and it’s will reach 10000 USD, then 12000 USD .

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The second scenario : Bitcoin will break the support level of 8000, then 7500 USD, then 6500 USD, if some negative news come to the market, but i think that the first scenario will happen because there is a lot of positive news in the market .If the price break 9,116.00 then open a trade with this targets Partial Profit Targets: Around 10,000.00 Main Profit Targets: 12,410.00 / 12,900.00 Stop-loss: 6,500.00 .

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Ethereum :

Ethereum has closed the ABC correction and will start a new market cycle. The price is hitting the cloud which is resistance, if the price breaks resistance the inverse pattern will be confirmed, I am setting my buy orders there .

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This means Ethereum is very bullish, and maybe we will see and uptrend movement at any time on Ethereum, if the price break the resistance level of 900 USD, the next target for the price of Ethereum is 1000 USD, then 1200 USD, i advice you to buy ethereum around 860 to 870, take profit around 1200 USD to 1400 USD, hold a stop lose around 750 USD .

chart (34)

Ethereum Chart from Coinmarketcap


Litecoin : 

There is some positive news about Litecoin, the dev team behind the project will launch litepay and others updates on the litecoin project during the 3 week of this month, if you have buy from 130 USD to 150 USD on my signal, i advice you to hold due to the potential profits on this coin, but at this levels of 170 USD to 190 USD i don’t really advice you to buy, because a correction may occur at any time on this crypto markets .

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Also keep your eyes on Monero and Ethereum Classic, Because there is hardforks on this 2 markets during the beginning of the next month .

chart (35)

Litecoin Chart from Coinmarketcap

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