BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, DASH and ETC markets Price analysis 10/02/2018

Cryptocurrencies are a part of evolving technology and are still in the early  stage, they are here to stay for a long term time .

The early investors in cryptocurrencies were mostly technology enthusiasts who saw a future in them. After the humongous returns of 2017, more and more institutional investors want to join the party, what has happen in the pasts days and the hard correction in the price of crypto currency is positive for the long term growth of this digital assets .

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Crypto markets

Crypto markets from Coinmarketcap

Crypto currency markets in general right now are good for a long term holding, and we will see others all time high for this markers durring the next few days .

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Bitcoin : 

chart (32)

Bitcoin chart from Coinmarketcap

Right now, there is a lot of fud in the market, after making a correction around 5800 USD, bitcoin has start another uptrend movement, but it’s fail to break the resistance level of 9000 USD, this has lead the price to go down around 8400 USD, now the next strong resistance line is around 8000 USD, if Btc price break this support line, the next supports line are 7500 USD, then 7000 USD, that is the scenario that has the big chance .

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The other scenario, bitcoin will break the resistance line of 9000 USD then, it’s will reach 10000 USD, but i don’t think that this scenario will happen, because there is a lot of Fud .


Ethereum : 

Ethereum is the second largest crypto currency market, after reaching a new all time high price aat 1400 USD, Ethereum has make a big correction , failling from 1400 USD to 800 USD, i think that this levels are a good entry point for a long terl trade on ethereum, the targets profit are 1100 USD to 1400 USD .

chart (31)


Ethereum chart from Coinmarketcap

Litecoin :

Litecoin Devteam will launch Litepay and Litepal, that are huge developments, and have come just in time as the market is showing bullish signals again. The more that these new technologies prove themselves,This can make The price of litecoin making a new all time high price,This levels from 148 USD to 152 USD, take profit from 170 to 180 USD .

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chart (27)

Litecoin  chart from Coinmarketcap

Ethereum Classic :

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Ethereum-Classic is a phenomenal coin as is, but that is not why we will be having a crazy run up in price. ETC will be having an airdrop coming in on early March. Coin that will be dropping is called Callisto (CLO) and ratio is a shocking 1:1 – meaning that if you own 10 ETC, you will receive 10 CLO. Please note that we are not yet sure on which exchanges will be supporting actual airdrop. They usually announce that closer to the date .

I really advice you to buy ETC around this levels from 20 USD to 25 USD, take profit from 35 USD to 37 USD, you can also hold and wait for the ETC airdrop .

chart (26)

Ethereum Classic chart from Coinmarketcap

Bitcoin Cash : 

chart (25)

Bitcoin cash chart from Coinmarketcap

If Bitcoin cash break the resistance level of 1350 USD, this means a breakout for the price of bitcoin cash, the targets profits are 1475 USD, and 1500 USD .

But in the other side if there is another correction in the price of BTC, maybe we will see a correction in the price, the next strong supports lines for BCH, are 900 USD, and 1000 USD .


Dash :

Dash right now is on a good buy opportunity, for a long term trade, after reaching a all time high price at 1400 USD, Dash is now traded around 685 USD, when you understand, the power of this coin, you will understand that Dash is a good coin right now for long term holding , the targets profits are from 1000 USD to 1100 USD .

chart (22)

Dash chart from Coinmarketcap

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