Crypto markets analysis : 27/01/2018

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After recording a minor correction and lose in value on January 26, major cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, Ethereum,Litecoin, Ripple and Cardano increased by more than 5 percent.

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NEM, which declined significantly in value after leading Japanese cryptocurrency exchange CoinCheck announced a $530 million hack into its NEM hot wallet, also recorded a 5.6 percent increase in price.

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After a deep correction, and falling from 12000 USD to 10500 on friday, Bitcoin record a small recover on Saturday, and now it’s traded around 11500 USD acrosds global exchanges service .

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Ethereum price raise from 1028 USD to 1097 USD, Ripple price also recover from 1.20 USD to 1.23 USD. Litecoin  posts some new profit after a deep correction raising from 174 USD to 194 USD .


Image from coinmarketcap

Bitcoin : 

Yesterday was a great day for Bitcoin traders (especially the ones whose joined Cryptocurrency investments in last month). The black line here shows our last chart, where we identified and clarified a downgrade channel in Bitcoin prices. If you follow us and bought near the channel support zone: congratulations, you earned good profits. On friday the resistance was finally broken and became a support level .

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Now we have a clear accumulation zone. Volumes are increasing slightly and the prices won’t go any further for the next few hours.


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We may have a new support level but it still depends on whale’s activities. They have the power to break this still-not-strong support. Advice: Prices are floating between 11k and 11.4k. Buy in dips (at 11k) and sell on tops (11.3, 11.4k). You can make this trade today up to 2 or 3 times and get 3-4% profits.


Bitcoin chart from  coinmarketcap

Ethereum : 

Ethereum has been finding some good support since the selloff and has formed a symmetrical triangle, which most traders know is a continuation pattern. However in this situation a break could happen to the topside or to the bottom. We will be patient while the market shows us our next move.

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A break below $1000 will most likely result in more sellers stepping in driving the prices lower, we can anything between $700  $900 should the bears win the battle.


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A break above $1100 could signal the bulls to push the prices higher, in which case I would expect a target around $1200  $1400 if there good price action confirming the breakout.

Around 1040 is a good entry point for ethereum .

chart (2)

Ethereum  chart from  coinmarketcap

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Litecoin : 

chart (3)

Litecoin   chart from  coinmarketcap

Litecoin is very bearish, the signals od a downtrend are more the signals od an uptrend, i don’t advice you to open a trade on Litecoin .

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Bitcoin cash : 

BCH is a crypto for a long term trade after reaching it’s all time high price at 4000 USD, this coin forked from Bitcoin, maked a huge correction and now it’s traded around 1700 USD, this is a good entry point for a long term trade on BCH, take profits around 2400 USD to 2500 USD .

chart (5)

Bitcoin Cash    chart from  coinmarketcap

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Ripple : 

chart (7)

Ripple  chart from  coinmarketcap


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After reaching a new all time high price at 3 USD, ripple make a huge correction and now it’s trading around 1.2 USD, from 0.85 USD to 1.2 USD is a good entry point for a long term trade on ripple , the targets profits are from 1.6 USD to 1.8 USD .

Dash : 


chart (8)

Dash  chart from  coinmarketcap

have notice that the trading volume has increase in the dash markets, Dash is now trading around 782 USD, from 760 USD to 820 USD is a good entry point on Dash take profit from 880 USD to 900 USD .

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