Crypto markets analysis and trading signals 19/01/2018

Well, somebody bought the dip. Just as critics were rushing to proclaim that the bitcoin bubble had burst,but bitcoin revover from the dip and raise again,  the markets srecover  $159 billion wit this raise from the dip. the bitcoin price, which rebounded from its sub-$10,000 fling and is currently flirting with $12,000 to 12900 across gobal exchnge service . Several other top-tier coins, meanwhile, returned single day increases in excess of 40 percent.

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The major 10 crypto markets recover from the last market corrections, Ethereum soars from 890 USD to 1031 USD right now according to coinmarketcap, also litecoin recover from 160 USD to 201 USD, also ripple was the best performing crypto currency recovering from 0.8 USD to 1.6 USD .


image from coinmarketcap 

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Bitcoin :


Bitcoin chart from Coinmarketcap 


Bitcoin show a week support level at 11500 USD and a strong risistance level at 13500 USD, if bitcoin fall under the support level of 11500 USD, maybe we will se another dip for the price, the next supports levels are 9500 USD, 9000 USD and 8000 USD, if the price break the risistance level of 13500 USD, the next target will be 14500 USD, then 15000 USD .

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Ethereum : 

The Ethereum  price has climbed back above $1,000 as of last night, after dipping all the way down to $799. A very remarkable bound back, even though all markets are still in a bearish state right now. Moreover, the Ethereum  market cap has increased to over $100bn again, which is another positive development.

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Although most people keep a close eye on what is happening to Bitcoin  right now, it is evident the worthwhile altcoins recover a lot quicker. More specifically, it seems the Ethereum  price is going up in value rather quickly, even though Bitcoin  is still struggling to surpass $12,000 once again. It is good to see the Ethereum  price back above $1,000 again, even while Bitcoin is still stuck. It is due time altcoins decouple themselves from Bitcoin’s price once and for all, but that is much easier said than done these days.

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Even the Ethereum  price took a bit hit over the past few days. With all cryptocurrency markets losing a lot of value, it was not entirely surprising to see the Ethereum  price dip all the way to $799. Although that is an extremely low value for Ethereum  , it was only a blip on the radar when looking at the bigger picture. The drop from $1,375 all the way to $799 is pretty steep, though, but the market is on the right track again as we speak.

With Binance becoming the largest Ethereum exchange by trading volume , an interesting situation unfolds in front of our eyes. Bitfinex is not too far behind, and GDAX and OKEx are also within the same $50m range.

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Ethereum show a great entry point right now from 900 USD to 1100 USD , the target profit from 1400 USD to 1500 USD, this profits can take 1 month to 2 month .


chart (1)

Ethereum chart from Coinmarketcap 

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Litecoin : 

chart (2)

Litecoin  chart from Coinmarketcap 

Litecoin charts indicate a bearish movement, the trading volume inside the Ltc markets reduced during the past 24 hours, that means that the sellers are more then the buyers, if litecoin break the risitance level around 220 USD, the next target will be 250 USD then 270 USD, but if the price come under 180 USD, the price will make another dip and fall to the strong resistance level level of 150 USD then 130 USD .

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Ripple : 

After the crash that we have see in the crypto markets, Ripple recover from 0.8 USD to 1.8 USD right now at press article, but after this bulilsh movement , i expect pullback in the price from 1.8 USD to the next strong support level of ripple around 1.3 USD , the trading volume in the ripple market reduced in the past 24 hours , this is a bearish signal that confirm that bulls have book their profit from the last surge of the price, buy around 1.3 USD to 1.5 USD on the next correction waves.

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chart (4)

Ripple   chart from Coinmarketcap 

Dash : 

We saw a few « breakouts » as recovery from the BTC crash these past few days but it looks like it might be setting up again for another one. These are somewhat small but all this slow rising is great considering the dev is putting out more updates soon after the miami BTC 5.31% conference and then rebranding on the 26th this month.

I don’t see any reward risk in opening a trade on Dash right now .

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chart (5)

Dash   chart from Coinmarketcap 

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Zcash : 

There is Bullish signals on the chart of Zcash, and also a risk reward if you open a trade, but with this market conditions , this trade is a high risk trade, buy around 540 USD to 545 USD, sell from 570 USD to 575 USD .

chart (6)

ZCash   chart from Coinmarketcap 



Ethereum classic : 

ETC show some bullish movement during the past 24 hours, try to get ETC from 31 USD to 33 USD, book your profits from 37 USD to 40 USD, stop lose 26 USD .


chart (7)

Ethereum classic   chart from Coinmarketcap 

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Monero :

XMRUSD yesterday, « sawed off » the emerging growing trend. Often, this graphical pattern ends sadly for the bulls. The minimum was set at $ 240 – at exactly the half of the absolute maximum at $ 480 If the price does not return to a $ 370 mark or higher, it will be a Down-trend picture. If it does return, then it would be a flat. To ascertain the resumption of a growing trend, it is necessary for the price to overcome the $ 480 mark. We downgrade recommendation for Monero from Buy to Neutral.

That means that we recommend closing the positions and take an observing position. In the trading slang, this is called « sit on the fence. » trade only with the money that you have afraid to lose, because the market can crash at any time with this conditions .

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chart (8)

Monero chart from Coinmarketcap 


Bitcoin cash :

I really advice you to buy Bitcoin cash for long term holding, because it will below up soon or later, after reaching a new all time high price around 4000 USD during th past month, BCH make a huge correction falling from 4000 USD to 1600 USD, this is a buy opportunity to hold BCH for around 2 month to make huge profits .

chart (9)

Bitcoin cash  chart from Coinmarketcap 



Stratis : 

The Stratis chart look very bullish , and with the positive new of the 2 icos that will be created on he stratis platform by the end of the month, i think that we will see another uptrend movement, if BTC price don’t fall again below 10000 USD.

chart (12)

Stratis chart chart from Coinmarketcap 

entry point : 0.00128 Btc 0.00133 BTC

Take profit : from 0.0016 BTC to 0.00165 BTC

stop lose : 0.00125 BTC

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Tron : 

Tron is a real project with a roadmap and also with a strong community around this crypto currency, after reaching an all time high price around 0.24 USD, the price fall to 0.06 USD,and now this coin is traded aroun 0.08 USD to 0.09 USD, i will advice to buy right now and to book your profits from 0.12 USD to 0.15 USD this is a long term trade .

chart (13)

Tron chart chart from Coinmarketcap 

Omisego : 

Omise go is a long term investment for this year, it’s a real project with a lot of events during this year, if you are looking to hold crypto for long term, you need to buy Omise go now from 16 USD to 18 USD, and take profits from 25 USD to 30 USD .


chart (14)

Omisego chart chart from Coinmarketcap 

Qtum : 

After reaching a new all time high around 100 USD, Qtum make a huge correction, falling from 100 USD to 35 USD, i will advice you to buy now from 38 USD to 42 USD , book your profits from 50 USD to 60 USD.

chart (15)


Otum chart chart from Coinmarketcap 


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