Bitcoin, Ethereum and litecoin and others crypto currency price analysis 21/12/2017

Bitcoin futures prices fell this week after CME Group and CBOE  launched the world’s  Bitcoin futures contract on Monday, The bitcoin price declined nearly $1,000 on Tuesday, from $19,130 on Monday to $18,191 today. This represented a 24-hour decline of five percent and reduced bitcoin’s market cap to $304.7 billion.

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The ethereum price set up  a new all-time high on Tuesday by reaching 886 USD,with a total crypto market capitalization of nearly 80 BLN .

Bitcoin Cash set up a new all time high today by reaching allmost 5000 USD on G-DAX, and from 4500 USD to 4900 USD across others markets, this surge is the due of the listing of this coin on Coinbase, and also due the use of this coin as an alternative to Bitcoin due to the huge fee of Bitcoin, and the lowest fee of the bitcoin cash blouckchaine . and also the event that wll happen on january, News Bitcoin , reported  that  » The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community, developers, and businesses that support the decentralized currency are preparing for “Change the Address Day” scheduled for January 14.  » .

The ripple price increased by four percent, and become the 4 largest crypto market with a capitalization of 29 BLN .

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Litecoin fall today by nearly 10 %, after reaching yesterday a new all time high price at 377 USD, this fall is caused by the negative news posted by charlee leeb the creator of litecoin on his twitter  .

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Bitcoin : 


Bitcoin from coinmarketcap


he price bounces from the support zone and it gives us a new buy opportunity. RSI confirms price reversal.

In others words, this correction level is a buy opportunity, buy from 16800 USD to 17500 USD, make you stop lose around 15000 USD because maybe there will be another correction more deep to 10000 USD, the profit target will be from 21000 USD to 22000 USD .

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Litecoin : 


chart (2)

Litecoin chart from  coinmarketcap



for long term momentum is bullish , after a small correction today, Litecoin is moving back on another uptrend movement, i will advice you to buy now from 315 USD to 330 USD, keep you stop lose around 300 USD, take profit from 450 USD to 500 USD . 

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Ethereum :

chart (1)

Etehreum chart  from coinmarketcap

Ethereum is on a gret bullish movement , if you have not buy yet for a long term trade , i advice to buy now from  810 USD to 850 USD, take profit from 950 USD to 1100 USD, keep your stop lose around 800 USD, if you are long term investor , hold ethereum for 6 month , the target in 6 month will be 4000 USD .



Also keep your eyes on ethereum classic and stratis, there is major announcement on this two coins in the coming days .

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