Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin Price analysis 13/112/2017


The cryptocurrency markets achieved another  advance record on Tuesday, but — breaking from recent norms — the bitcoin price was not leading the rally. That honor belonged to the ethereum price and litecoin price, each of whom surged to all-time highs and helped catalyze a record day for the altcoin market, and also others crypto markets make new all time high price across global exchange service .

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The total crypto markertcap record a new all time high capitalization at 50 BLN, the major crypto markets post profit today for investors , litecoin raise from 150 USD to 307 USD just in 24 hours, also Ethereum raise from 416 USD to 638 USD, what means that litecoin give net profit of 67.96% and 26.41 % for Ethereum .

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Also we noticed today the raise in the price of ripple, Dash, Monero, and IOTA drived by the new of the listing on Bitrrex .

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Bitcoin : 

chart (9)

Bitcoin chart from coinmarketcap 

Bitcoin is very Bullish for the long term investment but maybe we will see small correction during the holidays .

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I think we will another all time high price around 20 K USD before the end of the year , followed by a small correction on the begning of the new year because investors will cashout their profit, this will lead into a market correction across Global crypto markets.

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A breaking story could cause both the spot and futures prices to soar even higher. An eBay executive told Yahoo Finance that the tech giant is “seriously considering” accepting bitcoin payments. Although he stressed that the company is “not quite there yet,” the fact that an e-commerce platform as ubiquitous as eBay is considering integrating cryptocurrency payments signals that the blockchain industry is rapidly permeating the mainstream.

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Ethereum : 

chart (11)

Ethereum chart from coinmarketcap 

Today Ethereum reach a new all time high price at 628 USD, primarily due to the successful debut of bitcoin futures on the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), secondly,  more capital and wealth have begun to move from the traditional finance market to the cryptocurrency market,  and also the Ethereum transaction volume has been increasing at an exponential rate, likely because of the growing popularity of two decentralized applications (dapps); CryptoKitties and EtherDelta.

for the long term i think we will see Ethereum reaching 1000 USD, before the end of January 2018, and maybe around 4000 USD by the end of Jun .



Litecoin :

chart (10)

Litecoin chart from coinmarketcap 

There is 2 primary reasons that push litecoin to reach a new all time high , the first reason is that people are using Litecoin to withdraw from crypto trading platforms because transactions fees of the bitcoin network become higher, people turn into litecoin for transactions due to it’s low fee and the speed of the transaction on the litecoin network, secondly, the news from steam the big online store and that say that this online store will no longer accept Bitcoin as a payment methode.

Maybe we will small corrections on Holidays but for long term investments i think that Litecoin will reach 1000 USD minimum before the end of juin 2018 .

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