Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin price analysis 10/10/2017 and Trading signals

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Chicago-based exchanges CBOE and CME are to launch their bitcoin futures contracts later this month, exactly today on CBOE and on 12/12/2017 for CME , which is helping to boost the price of the market up to record new highs. Just today, it was reported that the cryptocurrency had risen by 10 percent, nearing Bitcoin to reach $16,000 barrier across Global exchange service, and this news will make Bitcoin positive for the long and the middle term .



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The total crypto markets capitalization reach today a new marketcap of 415 BLN witch is  positive for crypto currency investors and witch means that more money is comming into the crypto industry .


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After reaching a new all time high price at 476 USD, Ethereum make a small correction today at 436 USD, also the major 10 crypto markets including Dash,MoneroZcash, Bitcoin Cash, IOTA, Ripple, Bitcoin Gold and Nem are in a price correction after posting huge profit for investors during the past week .

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The exception of the today was litecoin, after the news published today about steam,excatly that steam one of the biggest online store will stop accepting Bitcoin as a payment method and will replaced it with litecoin, This push Litecoin to make a new all time high price at 143 USD .





Bitcoin :


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On the downside, support is at $12734.97 and $11344.15, which are 38.2% and 50% Fibonacci retracement levels of the rally from $5450.86 to $17237.44. On the upside, if price breaks out to new highs, its next level of resistance is the Fibonacci extension level of $18281.68.

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Now i think that are the levels below 15000 USD are buy opportunity for bitcoin to take Profits around 20K USD and wait for the next the opportunity, because now we are into a small correction of the price due to the fact that people are cashing out their profit from the last surge of the price from 5000 USD to 15000 USD due to the CBOE and CME this is a great Buy opportunity .



Ethereum : 




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Ethereum has been consolidating between $390 and $480 since breaking out of the ascending triangle pattern, and i’am sure that this coin own a great potential to break out at any time .

For the Third time, Ethereum fall to break the resistance line of 480 USD, this will push Ethereum to make a small correction around 390 USD to 440 USD, and the target profit will be from 550 USD to 600 USD , this target will be easly achieve with the positive news that will come wit the fork of the ethereum at the end of this month and the upgrade of the Ethereum network during january 2018 .

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Litecoin : 




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After breakout of the channel had a pattern target of $154, I advice you to Book your profit now and to wait for the next buy opportunity

I anticipate a couple of days of consolidation after which the bulls will attempt to resume the uptrend once again.  The next target on the upside can be extrapolated only after the consolidation.

The virtual currency is likely to find support at $140.22 and $129.612, this levels will be great buy opportunity For ltc for a long term trade, the target to book your profits will be 200 USD .

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