Bitcoin, Ethereum and litecoin price analysis 05/12/2017

Today, the total crypto market capitalization reach 34 Bln USD, with a Btc dominance of 55.6%, Bitcoin was traded today from 11250 USD to 11400 USD across Global exchange service, Btc lose some of it’s value, after reaching a new all time high yesterday at 11600 USD .

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The others 10 major crypto markets lose some of it’s value, But Today IOTA was the big earner, the price go from 1.25 USD to 2.72 USD with a total profit of 42.46% for investor, after the announcement of the partnership with Microsoft, also Neo post neo profits for investors and reaching today 40.32 USD .

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Bitcoin : 

chart (4)

BTC/USD chart from coinmarketcap

Bitcoin remain very bullish for the short term due to the announcement of CBOE (One of the largest USA exchange service ) and CME ( one of the largest exchange USA exchange service ) to add Bitcoin trading futures on 10/12/2017 .The best trade that you can make is to hold your bitcoins until 10/12/2017,sell them on this date and buy again deep on the holidays, because i am sure that we will see a small correction in the Bitcoin due to christmas and the new year .

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Ethereum : 

ethereum 1


Ethereum Chart from Bittrex

Everything base on TA, ETH in consolidation for the break up to the 600 area before the end of the year. You can buy Now around 460 USD to 470 USD, the target to take profit is 510 USD to 530 USD, hold a stop lose around 450 USD,  a portion now and the rest on the break up. MACD on weekly anddaily chart shows good momentum. Good luck.

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Litecoin : 

LTC 333

Litecoin chart from Bittrex 

Just like LTC was the lead bull to all time highs over the weekend, it is leading consolidation.
We have pulled back to the dump low more significantly than any other name, and BTC 2.56% broke short term support to follow in the same positioning.
I will be watching for this recent observation to continue to hold true today.
Key support needs to hold for the bulls to see a short term bounce with small gains, tightening the hourly pattern.
Only trades for me are bull breaks of hourly equilibriums, or oversold bounce from lower low dumps.
Patience on days like today, scale back trading, all this level below 98 USD are buy level, the next target to take profit in the next weeks remain 143 USD .

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