MoonDash : Earn Free dash every 5 minutes

Moondash is a free way to get free Dashcoin, excatly Free Dashcoin every 5 minutes withoout investin any dollar .

1-Description of the platform : 

This faucet is a   new Dash generator from the Moon programs , On this Faucet you will have the opportunity to collect c Dash in small quantity,

On this faucet you will have to claim every 5 minutes to get free dashcoin, the payment are directly paid to your coinpot adress assosiated with your coinpot adress

The advantage of tis faucet , it’s that you earn passively your earnings, you need just to log in one time in the day to caim your earnings .

There is a daily bonus on this fauceet, but you have to claim everyday to get the bonus, also you will earn 100%, if you claim everyday for 100 days .

You can increase your earnings by inviting your friends to use the faucet, you will recieve 25% on all their earnings on this faucet .

2-Information about affiliation : 

You will recieve 25% on all the earnings of your affiliates

3-Information about payment :

You earnings are paid directly to your coinpot adress .


4-Others information about the site : 

Alexa ranking : 10000

Language of the site : English

5-My review about the site : 

This is a free way to get dash, you will not lose anything on this faucet .

you can join the site here


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