BTC, ETH, LTC,XMR, XRP, BTC and NE0 price analysis 22/11/2017

Today, we have see another  bullish day in the crypto trading markets  session for altcoins although with a little Bearish movement in some crypto markets like IOTA .


Monero :

Monero reach a new all-time high today in early trading as we expected after clearing the crucial $150 level earlier on.

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Longterm investors shouldn’t open new positions at this point. Key support levels are found at $125 and $100, and the  targets are ahead near $180 and just above $200 with a stop los around 100 USD


Monero/USD, 4-Hour Chart Analysis



Dash is the other big mover of the day after the announcement  of  the  upgrade to 2MB  to reduce the transaction fee of the dash Blockchaine and also The project’s latest partnership with KuvaCash to help “solve inflation” in the turbulent economy of Zimbabwe delivered an additional price spike.

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The price of this  coin reach a new  at hit a new record near $575, cruising past the first target at $540. While another target is ahead near $610, tinvestors should reduce their exposure here, as even the short-term picture is overbought. Support below $540 is at $500, $465, ad $near $410 the previous all-time high.

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Dash/USD, 4-Hour Chart Analysis




BTC/USD, Daily Chart Analysis

 The risk-reward prospects in altcoins are still better, investors and traders should wait for a deeper correction before entering new positions.and take profit on this level if they had open trades before some days,  Crucial support levels are still found near $7700, $7000, and $6700

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ETH/USD, 4-Hour Chart Analysis

 This coin remains bullish on both time-frames, with only the $380 resistance ahead below the all-time high near $400. Support levels are found at $350, $330, and near $315, while the rising long-term trendline is also nearby at $320.

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LTC/USD, Daily Chart Analysis

 We expect a rally towards the next target at $82.50 soon. Crucial support levels are still found at $64, $56, and $53.



XRP/USD, 4-Hour Chart Analysis

Ripple remain bearish with Strong resistance  at $0.26 and $0.30,  the major support  levels found just below $0.20, and at $0.18

Ethereum Classic


ETC/USD, 4-Hour Chart Analysis

Ethereum Classic is moving to reach a new all time High price at 23 USD , traders should only play with cautation on this levels , because after this huge bullish movement, ETC could make a correction at any time .



NEO/USDT, 4-Hour Chart Analysis

The coin remains within the short-term correction pattern after its explosive break-out. Resistance levels are  at $40 and $50, while support below $34 is found at $30. The long-term picture is not overbought yet, and with the short-term momentum being back in neutral territory, another leg higher is likely in the coming week.

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