Bitcoin reach 8000 USD , Why ?The Reasons Behind this surge ?

The bitcoin price touched the $8,000 mark on Friday morning (or Thursday night, depending on your time zone), enabling the flagship cryptocurrency to check another all time high price for this crypto currency .

There is a lots of Reasons that push Bitcoin to reach 8000 USD on Friday , between this Reasons 3 majors factors :

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1- Wall Street’s firms announcement about adding Bitcoin trading features :



U.S. derivatives exchange operator CME announced it would add bitcoin futures contracts to its product offering, Coinbase is launching a cryptocurrency custodial service specifically targeted at institutional investors with more than $10 million in crypto assets.

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Also a lot of investment firms in Wallsreet told their investors that they will allow then to trade Bitcoin by the end of this year, and the beginning of 2018 .This event push the global demand on Bitcoin to increase, what push the price to go to the moon .

2-Successful Lightning-Based Atomic Swap :


the successful completion of the first off-chain atomic swap. Accomplished using lightning network technology, developers at Lightning Labs traded testnet bitcoin for testnet litecoin trustlessly and without leaving a record of the transaction in either blockchain .

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If you don’t know what is lighthing based atomic swap, it is a new technology that allow people to make crypto cuurency exchange between them without the need to a third party on decentralized exchange service .

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3-cancellation of the activation of segwit2x from Miners and Bitcoin platforms :


This event of this fact, show to investors and company that are interested in investing into this digital asset, that the bitcoin community is everyday growing and everyday more stronger and more united against the outsides attacks on Bitcoin, and everyday this community of developers, miners and traders are working on improving the bitcoin industry .

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