One Hash : earn Bitcoin by gambling with your friends


One hash is a gambling platform where you can earn bitcoin by gambling with others users on sports events like football, basketball , and others sports .

1-Decription of the platform :

OneHash is an intuitive mutual betting platform :


In the world of Bitcoin and sports betting, there are a lot of different types of platforms in existence. Not all of these offerings have to be incredibly complicated, which is what makes OneHash so attractive. No one is calling the platform simple by any means, but its elegant design and no-frills approach make it stand out among the competition.Ever since the platform was introduced in 2014, mutual betting on sports with Bitcoin has become more popular.

Sports betting platforms in the Bitcoin world have to be approachable by all types of players, and OneHash is doing a good job at providing exactly that. Registration on the platform is not required, as all session data is stored in the browser itself. Small things like these can make a big difference when trying to make a name for oneself, and people are not too keen on creating different accounts for various platforms.

One has is a like a Borker for sport Betting that make sure that evey one earn money :

Rather than acting as a traditional bookmaker, OneHash should be looked at as a broker between users seeking to play mutual bets. Players bet directly against each other, rather than against the platform itself. This creates an interesting dynamic with the multiplier for every bet placed, as it will change depending on how much funds is wagered on that particular sporting event.

Another benefit from this approach is how OneHash manages to unify Bitcoin sports betting with friendly wagers among friends, family, and co-workers. A bit of fair competition in the Bitcoin sports betting market can go a long way, and with the ever-changing odds, things get even more attractive.

One hash offer a lot of sports disciplines and options to bet on :

Among the sports covered by OneHash are traditional offerings such as Football, Hockey, Basketball and the NFL. But there is also the e-sport category, which is something people won’t often see in the Bitcoin gambling world. The only event listed right now is the CS: GO Dreamhack Leipzig 2016 tournament, which was held in January of this year.

Last but not least, there is the OneHash affiliate program, which does not require users to sign up either. All it takes is entering a valid Bitcoin address to generate the referral link. Affiliates will earn 50% of commission for the first ten bets made that are equal to or above the value of 0.01BTC each.

All in all, the OneHash platforms look nice, although more sports and events should be added to make it a bit more appealing. There is no company information on the website or in the WHOIS records, though. However, the company has a pretty solid reputation on Bitcointalk since February of 2015.

2-Information about affiiation : 


Affiliates will earn 50% of commission on all the bets that their affiliates make on the site

3-Information about payment : 

You can deposit and withdraw on this site using :


4-Others information about the site : 

Alexa ranking : 12000

Language of the site : English, French and 12 others languages

5-My review about the program : 

6-My Review about the site : 

A great platform to make money by gambling , by betting on sports , events, markets and binary options .

You can join the site here 


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