Moon Dogecoin : a free way to earn free dogecoin ?

Moon Dogecoin  is a faucet where you can earn crypto currency, exactly Dogecoin  by claiming free crypto currecncy from their faucet every 5 minutes, you can earn more by inviting your friends to claim from their faucet .

1-Description of the platform : 

This free litecoin site is very similar to Moonbitcoin and Mooonlitecoin, You log into your account, you complete a capatacha code, and you get free litecoin from the platform .

Also you don’t need to calim every 5 minutes to get your earnings, because the faucet gather your earnings of the day, what mean that you can log one a time everyday to get your earnings .

Added to that this litecoin faucet offer a lot of bonus, there is the loyalty bonus that give you 5 % on all your earnings of the day, The daily bonus that offer you and additional 5 % on all your earnings .

For example : If you claim 2 times in the day, you will get 10 satoshi everyday, and if we add the bonus of the site, you will get a total of  10 dogecoin .

For the payment of the earnings, they are maid directly to your coinpot email address associated with your moonlitecoin address , you can withdraw from there when you reach the minimum withdraw witch is 500 Dogecoins  .

Everyday, the alexa ranking of this little faucet is growing, and more people are using it to earn free Dogecoins , because there no any risk to lose money with this site .

For affiliation, when you invite your friends to use this faucet you will get 100% of all their earnings .

2-Information about affiliation :

You will get from 25% to 1000 % on all the earnings of your afiliates .

3-Others information about the site : 

Alexa ranking : 12000

Language of the site : English

4-Information about payment : 

The payment are made on your coinpot address, the minimum withdraw from your coinpot address is 500 dogecoin .

5-A video presentation about the program :

6-My review about the site : 

This paltform is a free way to get Dogecoin, what means that you are not losing anything if you try it .

You can join the site here 

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