MoonBitcoin : The best faucet of the moment

MoonBitcoin  is a bitcoin faucet where you can earn free bitcoins by claiming free bitcoins and reffering your friends to claim from their faucet .

1-Descripttion of the platform : 

Some websites  give  bitcoins for free, for  a small captcha to make sure you are not a  robot. More exactly, they offer satoshis (submultiples of bitcoin) equivalent to a few cents.

There is a lot, but this one is very special, because it allows to earn free satoshi  even when you are not connected! You must activate your account once, then you can claim them  when you want (example: 15 days later) to recover your earnings.

It is magic. And especially it brings about 1400 satoshis per week, doing nothing (except a captcha when you want to recover your earnings).

There is however a bonus if you connect each day: 1% more per day of connection up to 100%, so possibility of doubling the sum of the day … after 100 days 🙂 But it goes down to 0% if you miss a day …. There is also a random bonus called « mystery bonus » that earns you between 1 and 100% each time you claim. Immediate payment by registering with Coinpot’s .

You can also mine bitcoin with their faucet ,  it gives a percentage according to the used CPU usage (this option can be disabled) .

Message from the site (translated google trad): « When you select the Run Extraction Bonus check box, we will run a background POW operating process in your browser. Later, when you make a tap request, we will calculate an additional bonus of up to 100% on your faucet request! The bonus amount is based on the amount of hash power you have brought during the exploitation process, in order to maximize your bonus, you have to leave Moon’s Bitcoin tab open between claims! PLEASE NOTE: This mining process will increase the CPU usage on your PC / device while running from 10% to 80% (depending on the CPU usage option selected). The Extraction Bonus is completely optional, so if you have a problem, please turn it off by removing the Execute Extraction Bonus Checkbox.  »

2-Information about affiliation :

You will earn 50% on all the earnings .

3-Information about payment : 

All the payment and the earnings are paid to your coinpot account, you can withdraw from there when you reach the minimul withdraw witch is 0.0005  BTC .

4-Others information about site : 

Alexa ranking : 10000

Lnaguage of the site : English

5-A video presentation about the program : 


 6-My review about the site :

One of the best sites to earn free bitcoin without losing anything .

You can join the site here


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