Binevo : Binary option Trading


Binevo is a binary trading platform where you can earn money by trading binary option, binary option is the most risked business and also the most profitable business .

1-Description of this platform :


A Binary Option is a financial option in which the payoff is either a fixed amount of compensation if the option expires in the money or nothing at all if the option expires out of the money. Binary options are based on a simple “YES” or “NO” proposition.

Cryptocurrency quote values rise and fall dramatically and BINEVO has created a simple service for their traders to take advantage of those dynamics by betting on cryptoassets. Currently they are only accepting deposits and providing withdrawals in Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Binevo is a platform that provides an opportunity to earn a huge percentage of profit from micro investments.

Binevo strives to have maximum transparency, to be open and clear for any client, no matter his financial expertise.

Besides the classic binary options, Binevo offers you new algorithms of trading.

Main advantage of the platform is an opportunity to create sequences of options, increasing the potential profit manyfold. Successful option can earn you up to 3600% profit from investment.
Unique trading opportunities:

  • Open several options consecutively for a combined trading result. The more options you add to the chain, the higher your potential profit coefficient is going to be.

  • Open options consisting from one to several forecasts for ultra-short intervals of 5 seconds.

The platform already supports the most popular currency pairs.

Your account is all about privacy, anonymity and bank-grade security.

Binevo takes all possible measures to keep your funds safe and secure. All provided services run entirely over secure SSL (HTTPS) connection, critical user data is hashed by SHA-256 cryptographic algorithm.


What is a trading system?
It is a system of several components that help a trader decide when is it a good time to open a deal. Trading system includes various analysis tools (fundamental, technical, graphical analysis), specific cases of their appliance, the rules of money management and psychological behaviour. « Trading Strategy » is an algorithm of application of all these tools as well as a set of specific rules for opening trades. Trading strategy is included in the Trading System.

How  does the profit calculated?
Profit from a trade can be up to 3200% of the invested amount. Profit relates directly to the return percent. The higher the return percent is, the bigger your profit will be.

The return percent depends on several factors:

1) Market situation (volatility, liquidity)

2) Service balancing. The automatic risk algorithm determines the number of open buy and sell trades for each asset. As a general rule, number of sellers and buyers is close to identical. But in case one of the parties outweighs the other on a particular asset, company reduces the return percent of that in order to cover the expenses. Anyhow, all profit received as a result of successful trades is paid to the clients in full.


2-Information about payment :

You can deposit and withdraw on this site using :

The minimum deposit : 0.002 BTC
The minimum withdraw : 0.0001 BTC

3-Affiliation :

You can earn up to 10 % on all the deposits of your affiliate and all the fee that this platform takes on your traders .

4-A video tutorial about the program :

5-Other’s information about the site :

Alexa ranking : 10000
Language of the site ; English, French and Russian


6-My review about the site :

This platfrom is one of the best platfrom to earn money from trading binary option .
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