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NSFX is a Malta regulated forex broker that has operations across Europe and is recognized by numerous European oversight agencies. In order to see which those are, scroll to the bottom of our NSFX review.NSFX main characteristics is simplicity, you can earn money on this platform by trading Currency like USD, EURO …..etf, Stocks like Nasdaq, Assets like Gold, Oil and Bitcoin .

1-Description of this broker :

NSFX is an established Forex broker owned by NSFX Ltd. They are located at 168 St Christopher Street, Valletta VLT 1467, MALTA.

Their phone number are: United Kingdom: (+44) 330 8080 098. Germany: (+49) 696 4350 0009. Bahrain: (+973) 161 99 379 and Italy: (+39) 069 480 3009.

Platform Review

Traders at NSFX have a few choices of trading platforms to use. You can use MetaTrader 4, MT4, Web Trader, and Jforex platform for ECN Trading. For mobile traders they have the MT4 Mobile apps for Android & iPhone.

The reason most traders choose them, is the option to use their NSFX Pro and the NS Trader trading platforms. Both software’s come with mobile apps, and it all comes down to your trading style which platform you will end up choosing.

Their list of available assets for trading includes over 200 Forex and currency pairs and commodities like oil, gold and silver. Traders can trading major and minor indices including: S&P 500, Nasdaq, MICEX, FTSE Italy, STOXX50 and CFD’s on individual stocks.

There are many Forex brokers to compare and choose from online. The main reason that traders choose to go with a regulated Forex broker instead of a scam Forex broker is because they are interested in trading and not worrying about a broker becoming insolvent.

NSFX License


NSFX a licensed European Forex broker by the Malta Financial Services Authority in Malta. Their license number is IS/56519. Additionally, they have registered with regulators in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark and the United Kingdom.

The company distinguishes itself, however, in its approach to technology. Yes, they use the Metatrader4 line of products, but they have gone one step further, utilizing the best, designers, software developers, and analysts to create an innovative framework not seen from other brokers. The term their new approach as “MyNSFX”, defined as “a unified client and partner management console that incorporates the trading platform with every tool no more than one click away and is fully integrated into the core system.” Traditional or ECN STP setups are available, but people that have tested their system have proclaimed that their advances are “so cutting edge it’s likely to change the way every Forex Broker does business.” The firm’s obvious goal is to immerse you in the next generation of forex trading.

2-Information about affiliation :

You will earn 30 % on all the fee that this broker take on the traders

3-Information about payment :

Minimum deposit to start trading on this broker : 300 USD

Minimum withdraw : 10 USD

You can Deposit and withdraw on the site using :

4-A video tutorial about the program :

5-Others informations about the site :

Alexa ranking : 19000

Language of the site : English, Arabic an french

6-My Review about the site :

 NFSX is one of the legit broker to make money with trading assets, Stocks and others options .

you can visit the site by your self here 


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