Indacoin : bitcoin exchange review

Indacoin is an online platform where you can buy Bitcoin using your debit cards, Visa and Mastercard without verification .


1-Description of this platform :

Indacoin  was established in 2014 and has been operating ever since. The exchange accepts only credit / debit cards (as long as they are 3d secure) or Payza. When you come to buy your Bitcoins you will first need to fill out a payment form (see below) and afterwards you’ll receive a phone call with a 4 digit pin code in order to complete the transaction.

300x250_20160720085650300x250_20160720085650 is available in English, Spanish, Russian and Chinese. This is neither great nor bad, since the multi-language platform obviously includes English as the international language. There are platforms offering up to 7 different languages, but this is not a major flaw of the site.

There is substantial flexibility as to the ways you can pay for your cryptocurrency, among which you can find OKPay and UnionPay, Payeer and PerfectMoney, not to mention credit cards or debit cards. At first, you will be expected to verify your mobile phone via entering a special code. There are instructions offered upon signing up, so you will not encounter any problems.

Indacoin doesn’t require verification documents or registration to make a purchase. Clients just need to fill in the information on the order page (email, mobile phone, card details and bitcoin wallet address) .


Thus, customers don’t even need wallets to use the service – if they need to send bitcoins to someone else, they just enter the bitcoin wallet address of the recipient.

Indacoin is the only one company in the world that lets buy bitcoins with Visa or Mastercard instantly and without registration. And obviously banking cards is the most simple and way of getting bitcoins.

Indacoin has been operating since 2013 and has built its own antifraud platform that enables to detect payments with stolen cards and block them. So all the transactions will be deeply analyzed before the settlement.

Indacoin is the only one company in the world that lets people to buy cryptocurrency:

  • With a credit/debit card

  • Without crypto-wallet

  • Without registration

  • Highly secured service and anti-fraud platform

  • Detailed analytics of all transactions

‘While buying bitcoins with a credit or debit card is supposed to be the simplest way of getting cryptocurrency, only 0.1% of bitcoins that were bought in 2015 had been purchased using Visa or Mastercard,’ says Indacoin CEO Stanislav Kosorukov. ‘The discrepancy is explained by extremely complicated card verification procedures. In Indacoin we don’t request scanned copies of passports and utility bills, and don’t make people wait for several days before they can get bitcoins. Even our new clients can buy bitcoins within half an hour and for our loyal customers the process is instant. We hope that such easy way of buying bitcoins with a card will accelerate further market development and attract new fans of cryptocurrency.’


Moreover, Indacoin has close links with major European and American financial institutions, enabling it to identify whether a card has been stolen or not within half an hour. In most cases clients will receive a call from the bank to confirm that they really have bought bitcoins on Indacoin. ‘It’s a win/win collaboration both for Indacoin and banks, because we are helping banks to detect stolen cards and block them.’

2-Affiliation :

You will get 0.2 dollar on every trade that you referral makes on the platform by buying or selling bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin .

3-Information about payment :

You can deposit on this site and withdraw using :

The minimum deposit is : 20 USD

The minimum withdraw is : 20 USD

4-A video tutorial about the program:

5-Others information about the site : 

Alexa ranking : 28000

Site language :  English, Russian and french

6-My Review about the site : 

Inda coin is one of the best online platform to buy bitcoin without verification using debits cards, Visa and Mastercard .

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You can join the site here 



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