Eobot : cloud mining review

Eobot is an online platform where you can earn money with investment by investing in cryptocurrency, and without investment by claiming from the faucet of the site .

1-Description of the program: 

Eobot is one of the few investments sites that are online since 2013 , on this site you can mine crypto currency  without depositing any dollar .

In addition, this platform  offer  a free 1 doge coin everyday  for  your  connection.

Also this cloud mining platform own a  faucet  that offers you an  amount of a crypto currency every hour .

Also Eobot is a crypto currency  exchange platform betweeen :

BTC Bitcoin, LTC: litecoin, BLK: BlackCoin NMC: Namecoin, DOGE: Dogecoin, XRP: Ripple, DASH, RDD: Reddcoin, BTS: BitShares, CURE CureCoin, XEM, XMR: Monero, VOX voxels, XLM: Lumens, BCN: Bytecoin, PPC: peercoin, MAID: MaidSafeCoin, ETH: Ethereum, RCMP Gridcoin and the CTF: Factom.

The operations of cloud mining of Eobot are made on  3 differant clouds that are :

Cloud SETI, Cloud Folding, Cloud Mining (GHS 3.0, GHS 2.0 and MHS). you can purchase this service of cloud mining using crypto currency or paypal As they may be purchase for a period of 24 hours,  a year or 5 years depending on your choice.

Eobot also has its own mining pool to boost your investment from home,  this site will give you all the information that yu need to mine at home using your own devices :

Ccminer for Nvidia GPUs (SHA256, Scrypt, X11) .

Sgminer for AMD / Radeon GPUs (SHA256, Scrypt, X11) .

Cpuminer for CPUs (SHA256, Scrypt, X11).

Eobot show an internal calculator to estimate the earning for each exchange transaction or purchase .the minimum deposit is: 0.0001 BTC, LTC 0001 / DASH, 0.01 BLK / NMC / CURE / ETH, 0.1 XMR, XRP 1 / PPC / MAID, 10 RDD / GRC, DOGE / BCN.

2-Affiliation : 

You will earn 1% on all the investments and the earnings of your affiliates .

3-Information about payment :  

The minimum of deposit is 0.001 BTC, 0.2 LTC / DASH / ETH, 1.0 NMC / CURE / PPC, 10 BLK / XRP / XMR / NXT / FCT, 100 DOGE / XLM / VOX / MAID / GRC, 1000 BTS / XEM / , 10000 RDD Manual and automatic limited to 5 payment per day.

The ways of deposit and withdraw on the site are :

Logo BitCoins Logo Paypal

 4-Other information about the site : 

Alexa ranking : 10000

Language of the site : English

5-My Review about :

Eobot is one of the best site to make money using clou mining and to earn freee money .

You can join the site here :



Entrez vos coordonnées ci-dessous ou cliquez sur une icône pour vous connecter:

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