Crypto Trading recommendation : Ethereum


What is Ehtereum :

Ethereum is   decentralized  digital currency  with market capitalization of more  then 28 bln USD , it is the second capitalized crypto currency after Bitcoin at Coinmarketplace .


This crypto currency based on Smart contract,it has face a lot of problems since its creation in 2014 .

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The first factor that has  push this digital currency to attract investors is the main objective of this coin, ethereum is a project Which has as objective to provide entrepreneurs, developers, investors and for company with a platform where they can create their own coins.

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the surge or the breakout of the Ethereum price was on  May 17 , the price of the ethereum has reached all time high price on 17 july at 408 USD,now why this digital currency  will be on fire in the next 10 days with a target of 500 USD to 600 USD .


the demand on ethereum increase everyday in the 4 part of the world to invest and funds ICO  » NEW CRYPTO CURRENCY PROJECT  ».


Ethereum is traded across all major exchange service in all parts of the world, but he is not traded on Bitstamp this coin will be listed on bitstamp during the next week with low trading fee .


This listing will attract more investors in ethereum on this platform because this platform will offer a discount until Janury 2018, this will increase the demand on Ethereum what means that the price will automatically go up , the last time that litecoin was listed on bitstamp the price has increase from 28 USD to 50 USD .

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Ethereum has a great future, because, it is a coin has bring a new solution for the field of crowdfunding and he has helped a lot of developers and entrepreneurs to find funding for their project,added to this, there is a huge trust by investors in this coin, because the team behind the project is exposed to the public, and ethereum creators meet Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, so it is the first time in the history that a coin like ethereum attract the attention of a goverment .

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Warining : Before you invest in any cryptocurrency, make your own research



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