Why the price of bitcoin will reach 3000 dollar During August ?

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Only hours remain before the widely-expected Bitcoin network’s Segwit activation and its anticipated fork. Expectations were very high of some panic-motivated reactions ahead of the Aug 1 August 2017 .


During the next month I see that the price of bitcoin will reach new high and probaly achieved the level of stabilization between 3200 dollar and 3400 dollar , I support my analysis on three main factors

 The Bitcoin Cash :

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BITCOIN CASH or the new Bitcoin, this coin will be forked from bitcoin on 1 august from bitcoin , this altcoin is only supported by few miners and bitmain , 98.8 % of miner and bitcoin community already accepte The Segwit .

Also Bitcoin cash was traded already on some exchange service before the hardfork , so i think there is no an hardfork ,and this BCC is only an altcoin where the developers and the peoples behind have use the work of  »HARDFOK’‘ to promote it to attract investors .

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This altcoin will be given for free on many exchange service for the same amount of bitcoin that you have , exemple if you have 1 BTC on bittrex durring The fork you will get 1 BCC ,the traders and btc holders will sell their bcc for btc on 1 august , this will inrcease the demand on BTC, what will increase the price of bitcoin during 1 august .


The exchange service that will BCC for free :


Many exchange service of crypto currency will suspend thier service for USA citizens :

bitcoin dsd

The second reason that push me to think that the price of the btc will increase , the news that i have read on cointelgeraph today : https://cointelegraph.com/news/license-required-poloniex-bitfinex-will-stop-operations-in-washington , they say in this article that poloniex and bitfinex will stop giving their service of exchange due to Legislation problems for the peoples who live in the state of washington and maybe also this decision can affect the peoples who live in the others states of usa .

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This decision means that the supply in bitcoin in USA will become less , we know already that the big volume of trades in the crypto world is from usa , and when the supply is more then the demand the price will automaticly increase , i see that the price of bitcoin could reasch 3200 during August


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The arrestation of the owner of BTC-E the biggest Russian exchange service and the shutdown of the site by the Fbi :


Btc-e owner was arrested during the last week by Greek police for money laundering and more then 11 bln of funds in bitcoin was taken by the FBI , this event will decrease the suply in bitcoin around the world and will increase the price directly .


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If you think that my analyze is wrong please left a comment .

Warning :

Before you inevest in crypto currency make your own research about them



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