My system x : the hybrid program between MLM and FOREX

Warnings : before you invest in mlm , hyip and revshare , you must understand that this business are very risky investment , don’t invest more then you can lose .


you can join the site here 

My System X was founded in January 2017 in Seychelles by  networkers with a big experience in the field of MLM ,  from Germany, Switzerland and Austria, it is a program based on the forex  .

1-Description of the program : 

The idea behind My System X was the desire   to establish a 100% legit and very honnest company in the field of forex .

The Adress of this company :  8, Rue De La Perle, Providence, Mahe, Seychelles .

My System X is a registered trademark and operated by NextGen Consulting Limited (company created on 24/11/2010). Registration number 193895e.

NextGen launch its activities around the development of a trading software.

The general CEO of this company is David James Gray.

For a  reasons of legislation,  there is a strict separation between the marketing activities and the investment part that will be placed on the broker’s of the site. To make it simple, the marketing firm does not manage the  trades or the  deposits.

The investment company is a fully regulated broker with a broker license witch allow him the right to collect  funds around the world.


the Profits of  this company come are from trading with  high frequency .

The results will be visible on:, fx.stat or .

Minimum deposit : 100 dollar

Profit : 30 % every month ( the profit are not garuntated what means that the profit can be less then 30 % ) .

on every deposit the company take 27 % to paye the marketing plan .

The deposit can be withdraw at any time .

The deposit and the profit on the deposit will be open on : 1 juin 2017

2-Affiliation :

5  % on the direct sing up and every time that you achieve another rank , you open another level of affiliation

the marketing plan and the reward :
rang 1 from 0 à 24,999$ —–>0$
rang 2 ≥ 25,000$ —-> 1000$
rang 3 ≥ 50,000$ —-> 2000$
rang 4 ≥ 100,000$ —-> 4000$
rang 5 ≥ 500,000$ —-> 10000$
rang 6 ≥ 1,000,000$ —-> 20000$
rang 7 ≥ 5,000,000$ —-> 40000$
rang 8 ≥ 10,000,000$ —-> 80000$

rang 9 ≥ 20,000,000$ —-> 160000$

on every level you make another level of affaliation and you earn a reward , all this information are in the marketing plan that you will find in the site with full detail of the career plan .

note that you will earn on the 9 level of affiliation but the more you make sells , the more you increase your % of commaission .

From rank 3 ($ 50,000 in team sales) you receive a monthly residual income on the earnings of your affiliate investors on 6 levels, ranging from 2.5% to 0.25%.

And another thing you don’t need to invest to earn commaission , and you don’t need to  invite peoples to invest in order to earn from your investment .

3-Information about payment : 

The deposit and the withdraw are from : 50 dollar

The ways of deposit and withdraw on the site are :

4-Other information about the site :

  • Ranking alexa : 544112
  • Language of the site  : English

5-My review about the site :

Another big program in the line of questra, ctc, and tcc .

you can join the site here




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