Indigodma : an excellent way to start your journey in the forex market

you can join the site  Here



do you want to start an investment in the forex market, but you don’t have money to invest or you are afraid to lose your money in the forex, indigoma provide with a nice solution to start your carrier in the forex market, when you open an account in this platform and you verify your identity, this broker will give you a bonus of 50 dollar that will mature at 600 dollar after 4 month, or you can invest in this bonus with traders of the platform and get profit on this bonus, since you are not losing anything try it and you will see by your self .

1-Description of the program : 

Indigo DMA is looking for talented marketers who are able to demonstrate to the positive dynamics of trading in the long term market .

All you have to do is to  sign up, then check your account and get the $ 50 opening bonus directly.
Thereafter you can wait 4 months for the $ 50 bonus to mature at $ 600 which you can then transfer to the personal account (for withdrawal) , or you can invest this money by copied traders on this brokers and get profit to your personal account , this traders will trade for you .

now i will explain you how to register an account :

you see this image you click on register an account and you register an account on this platform :


after you register an account you need to verify your identity to active the no deposit bonus, you can do this here, just click on verification , you click on verification as show in this image, after that you fill all the information in your profil, after you do that you upload your doucuments, the verification process take between 24 hours and 48 hours.

after you get the bonus you will need to wait 4 month, and this bonus will mature at 600 dollar or you can invest this bonus with professinal traders, that will trade for you here :

you click on invest, you will go into a page where you will be able to invest your bonus with professional traders, when you will do that you will earn every day from monday to friday interest on this bonus , and you will be able to withdraw your money to your account.

with this method you will have anything to lose, just you will earn some free money .

if you know how to trade, you can also trade using this broker , this platforme offer a lof of option to trade, and if you are professional and you show to the investors that you are able to make the right chose at the right moment, you will get a lot of investors in this platform and also you will earn bonus from this broker .

2-Affiliation :

when you invite a friend , and this friend verify his identity you will earn 10 dollar, and this process of affiliaton is aviable on 5 level of affiliation .

3-Information about payment :

the payment are made after 48 hours

the minimum deposit is : 10 dollar

the minimum withdraw : 10 dollar

the ways of deposit and withdraw :

4-Other information about the site :

Alexa ranking :  99282

language of the site : English

5-My review about the site :

this broker offer you the chance to start your advanture with trading without losing anything.

you can join the site    here


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