Changelly :The best platform to exchange your bitcoin and other crypto currency



Changelly is a platform where you can exchange your Crypto currency with another Crypto currency, for example : exchange bitcoin for litecoin , dashcoin for dogcoin ……..etc .

1-Description of the program :


Changelly is an online service where you can exchange between your crypto currency, and also buy and sell your crypto currency using your MasterCar or Visa , this platform start working in the online business since 2009, it the official partner of minergate .

This service is indispensable for investor, market, and miners, that work in the field of crypto currency business, because it is the only platform where you  can find the majority of crypto currency that exist in the world of internet .

The methode that you will use to exchange your crypto currency also is very simple , you write the address of the sending , and you write the address of the recipient, changelly will automatically do the rest of the work .

About the fee , Chanlegy will take 0.5 % as a fee on all the transaction .

The crypto currency that are aviable in Changelly are :

Bitcoin BTC
Litcoin LTC
Bytecoin BCN
Monero XMR
DigitalNote XDN
QuazarCoin QCN
Fatomcoin FNC
Dashcoin DSH
Dogecoin DOGE
Ethereum ETH
NuBits NBT
Ripple XRP
Next NXT
Radium RADS
MaidSafeCoin MAID
Factom FCT
Synereo AMP
Lisk LSK
Ethereum Classic ETC
Expanse EXP
LBRY Credits LBC
Stratis STRAT
Ardor ARDR
Gulden NLG
Augur REP
Zcash ZEC


when you reffer your friends to use Changelly you will earn 50  % on all the fee that Changelly take on your friends , that means on every change that your friends will made using Changelly you will earn 0.25 % on the amount of the transaction .



3- Other information about the site :

  • Ranking alexa : 52458
  • Langue du site : French , english and more then 24 language



4-My review about the site :

Changelly is one of the best exchange service for the crypto currency .


you can view the site by your self here :



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