CoinPayments : another solution to have many type of coin at the same time

Coinpayments is an online platform where you have different types of wallet at the same time , like Bitcoin ,  Ethereum, Dashcoin and many types of e currency like dollar , euro …..etc .

1- description of the program :

CoinPayments is an online Multi wallets , that support more then 30 crypto currency and e currency  .

This platform has been online since 2014. The administrative offices are located at 808 Nelson St, Vancouver V6Z 2H2 , Canada.

20% of its traffic come from Russia according to Alexa Ranking, yes the Russians are fans of Coins of any form. It is a platform where you can have a portfolio for every coin or e-cuurency , BitCoins (most popular), LiteCoin, DogeCoin, but also for the most important currencies (Euros, Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Pounds Sterling) .

Using this  multi wallet   you can buy , sells your coins for  , and exchange them  with different currency ., You  have also a « Store Directory » function where you can buy all kinds of things from food to concert tickets or online purchases with your Coins.

This platform is very important for  markters  , investors or even miners to have access to the diffrent services of crypto currency.

2- Affiliation :

yes you can also earn money from this wallet by invite your friends , family and you will have 25% of the transaction fee of your referrals for 5 year .

3-Other information about the site :

Alexa ranking :  14138

Language of the site : English and more then 24 language

4- My review about the site :

an online wallet with more then 24 crypto currency wallets .

you can visit the site by your self here : here


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