How to get the MasterCard PAYEER ?

In this article we will show you how you can get MasterCard PAYEER , and you will see that is very easy to have a MasterCard PAYEER .

1 What is MasterCard PAYEER

The MasterCard payeer is a prepaid card  , you deposit money in you payeer account and then , you transfer the money in your account payeer to your mastercard  , which is directly attached to your payeer account , and when you do this , you will be able to use your debit card payeer to buy or sell in the internet , and remember an important thing that you mastercard payeer is not a debit card  , but a card in which you can use only the money that we have in your payeer account .

2 The fee of this debit card :

Price of the card: 0

€ Monthly fee: 0 €

Quarterly fee: 0 €

Inactivity fee: 0 €

Annual fee: 0

Activation fee: 0 €

Fees for online payment: 0 €

Liquid withdrawal fee to distributor: 0 €

Costs for a payment in store: 0 €

Charges transfer from the Payeer account to the card: 0.95%

Conversion fees: according to the daily rate

Validity: 3 years

The card is free , but you need to pay at least 9.95 dollar to the card in order you can work with this card only the 9.95 dollars , that will be pay using your  Payeer account.

The debit card take between 3 days to 21 days to arrive .

3-How to purchase a Mastercard Payeer

first of all you go to the main page of your payeer account , you click on  »MY CARDS  » , after that , you click on  » ORDER CARD  » , next ,  complete the online order forum , after you do this , please click on  « Continue »,  after that you will be redirect to the page where you will pay the fee of the delivered , the fee are just 9.99 dollar , you will pay using the funds in your payeer account .

4- What you can do with this card : 

using the payeer mastercard , you can withdraw money, purchase in the online stores .you can use this card this card in all the countries who accept mastercard .

You can only purchase one card for euro and one card for dollar .you can view by your self Payeer   here

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